Lights for 2÷5×7 have mcl1000 and 2000 wasn't thinking

2×4×7 tent will a mcl 2000 (200w) be enough or add mcl100, or buy another light, didn’t think on lights enough

I’m not familiar with mcl 2000, who makes it?

Mieemclux 2000= 200w,

Read and read don’t go with cheap lights, what do I '@$$% do, LEDs, want to stay with LEDs

If u can send back send back and get money back. If u can stick with hlg lighting for best quality and results. A bit more ching when paying but product is way better with good lights.

Looked it up for ur light. 2000 does a ex3 flowe rx4 veg so best prolly to flower a 3x3 and the 1000 prolly good for a wx2 if even a 2xw. Cjeaper lights have a shitty spectrum. It will gfow bud but it will make light airy bud. Looks bad ass on the tree but lose half or more of it during dry and cure. So gar hlg has done me solid. All bids stay rock hard and ate killer buds to smoke.

HlG 350r bout right for 3×5

Growing autos

200w works in a 2x4. The sf 2000 is what I use. Which actually hits 250w when turned all the way up. You can push more out of it but that would void any warranty. If you have a friend with a ppfd meter you can measure your dli. Or newer iphones and samsung’s can measure lux very well. Ppfd for Android, photone for iphone.
300w is old target for LED in a 2x4. But as technology progresses and efficiency raises, this number declines. Can’t keep quoting years old theory.

Thank u both, haven’t got tent up yet, would you believe that mieemclux sent a email that if I gave a good comment they would send me a free light!! Well I’ve got a comment but better not type it here, might get kicked out