Lights didnt turn off in flower stage

My plants are 4 weeks in to the flowering stage and my timer somehow got switched over to stay on. The lights were on for 1 or 2 days straight before I realized it. Will they be ok? Here is a couple pics taken a day or 2 before

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Well, the buds that are there won’t evaporate, but I’d watch close and see if you notice anything for the next few days.

Im sure they’ll be fine. The thing to watch for is balls, they could hermie on you.


If you see banana looking growths appear, it’s time to harvest.

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I had this happen on one plant, and had success cutting the whole affected limb off and nursing the rest for another week or so. I caught it really early because I was in there with a loupe about a million times a day LOL

Those pics were from a pineapple haze that hermied from light leaks. I caught it early, but the nanners were everywhere. I tried plucking them, but it was too late. The whole plant went to seed rapidly.
Good news is. I’ve got a bunch of seeds.

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So your plant literally went a f’d itself lmao


Pretty much. I harvested and cured, but it was a waste of time. Eventually I just took all the seeds and tossed the buds. :cry:

That sucks, but funny way to look at it @Familyman

Hey man whatever happened? Are they ok?