Lights camera action

I’m thinking of getting a 600 watt led instead of my 17500 hps light simply because of energy saving and heat … any advise I have a small 2+2 grow room …what do u think …

Welcome ! Horticulture Lighting Group.( HLG) would be a good place to start looking at LED lights. the hlg 135 rspec will veg a 3x3 space an flower a 2x2. I’m sure @dbrn32 can offer more options.


If you are looking at 600w leds on Amazon these lights generally are not a good idea to buy. They are very deceptive with their marketing. A 600w is more than likely no more than 200w actual watts, and possibly not even that much. They also use low grade older leds that won’t perform as well as your HPS light. @kellydans has tagged the forum light guru. You should follow his advice on what light to consider for your space.


Thanks for the input