LIghts budget question, please

I have a 5/5 closet I’m converting for grow. I’m going to grow 4 plants at firsrt and then evaluate yield vs space etc I cannot see growing more than 5-6 plants at a time.

What should my light budget be? I dont need a $5000 grow room and light system and I certainly don’t need overkill, I’m also only “somewhat” price conscious I"ll pay for the right lights to avoid frustration.

I only want one light, I don’t want to have to change from vegtation state to another light whent it’s time to flower.

I’ve gotten some advice on “HLG” is the way to go, whats a middle of the road /hobbyist light from that company that would suffice without being overly technical to use?

thanks in advance, Will


Right you are. Now take some of the savings and invest in good lights (cough HLG cough).


Hlg 350r is a very nice light… specs says will veg 5x5 and I think flower 3x5. This light is definitely something that can work for ya. I have it in a 5x5 no problem.
I believe it’s on sale . Call don’t order online, I called used code DUDE and asked if they could do better and they did… $444 I believe shipped.


so what unit would you invest in knowing what you know now? THanks for answering!

HLG lights is extremely easy to use. Its better to get a good light now than a little down the road when you realize the one you bought sucks.

Example…I ran 2 Viparspectra PAR600 lights. It has 3 switches which you need to run all start to finish. Max weight was 8 oz dried, cured and no stems. I sank $500 between them.

Join here and was told HLG is great. Many members said this so I dropped $800 for 2 HLG 260xl rspec. Now i can pull 2+ lbs dried, cured and no stems.

Glad I jumped on the HLG train. :+1::+1::+1:


that is worth reconsidering. 5x5 is a large area to cover with a single individual consumer oriented light. Two lights gives you more flexibility. If you only want to use half of space or plants are different heights.
2 Two HLG 350r would be a great choice. A little less expensive and not the latest boards would be two 320w XL kits.
If you definitely only want one light you can look at chilled tech growcraft X6 1000w for $1500.They also have 600w X6 for 4x4


This is what I know. Lighting is what will make or break a grow. Don’t cheat yourself. I’d get whatever I could afford, but I’d go cheap elsewhere.

The best light I have in my tent is a MarsHydro TSW2000. Right now I’m dependent on natural lighting.

HLG seems to be a market leader. My next light purchase will probably be them.


This is the power of HLG lights.

In a 4x4x80” tent. She was about halfway done.


I wouldn’t have changed my mind at all from the 350r Diablo to the 650r the price point is to high on the 650r . I’m not packing a tent will a sea of green. I have at most 4-5 plant in a 5x5 and bugs go nice and tight. I’d show ya but just started a grow… I could have afforded the 650r but am money conscience. Plus I know now it would have been more than needed have yet to crank the 350 full because of straight praying leafs.

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I meant only one light, as opposed to a vegetating light and a flowering light, I want one light that will give all the spectrums for the grow, even if it’s “two” lights the same.

So for all that are paying attentions, It appears as I wade through the terminology ( have no idea what all the numbers mean 350r versus 320W vs 260xl rspec - what does all that mean ??? LOLS) I’m looking at more than $800 for lights in a 5x5 space. Seems a lot for a first hobby grow…

Another thing If I don’t get into it, or whatever are they easy to re-sell? I haven’t see a for sale forum on here, is there one?

Thanks everyone I’m narrowing it down.

so what exactly did you buy, please? There’s a lot of information floating just on this thread and I’m electricity & light stupid but learning or trying to.

Also for all, if you don’t mind, are these lights listed here all best to get vegetative growth and then flower when it’s time?

The HLG 260xl rspec is full spectrum and red diodes as well. Its for a 4x4 tent aka the Extra Large aluminum heat sink. This means 2
lights that size for a 4x4 tent.

Goto Horticultural Lighting Group. Read up on their different lights. Then if you are confused, ask questions.

If you truly want to smoke primo bud, lights are the #1 factor for growing.

I smoke for medical reasons so I can’t get by on only a couple ounces every 4 months or so.
I need more weight as I have days I have to smoke 4 to 6 times in a day. So a couple z’s won’t last long.

Read my other 2 posts above this one.


You’re right, but a 5x5 is a lot bigger space than typical first time grower jumps into as well. These members only leading you away from where most of them started. Horticulture lighting group sells high end frill free fixtures at a competitive price. They are not the best in every category, but you are getting state of the art led performance and excellent customer service from U.S. company. Probably seems a little pricey, but they aren’t that bad for what you’re getting.

If you want a single fixture that is capable of growing your space from them, check out hlg-600r. There are usually some discount codes available if you do google search. Can probably get for $700ish.


Good evening @dbrn32 dbrn. Wondering if you’ve seen/heard of or checked out (US company) ATREUM lighting? They have some nice looking units (of COURSE the 300 some watt one was sold out AWESOME price!). checking specs of the 240W one at moment for 2x4 :wink:

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OOOOHHhhhhhh, you can get the 320W KITS, DIY…for an awesome price. wish we could share links here, just browser search ATREUM lighting and you’ll see their site :wink: :slight_smile: another competitor in the game possibly. They give ppfd charts per unit/bar, etc

Imo you’re not saving enough money to stray away from heavy hitters. Boards are probably in line with what you’re getting from everyone else, but his product lines are all over the place. Boards using Samsung/osram but strip lights are Samsung/cree xpe-2? I built my current light year and a half ago, and it has cree xpg3. Plc upgraded to xpg3 like a year ago, so definitely a little dated.

If you bought them you would probably feel pretty good about your purchase. But has that feeling you may be screwed around a little if you broke a connector on a strip or something trivial like that happened.


you guys are aweseome, I’m not going to chinze on lights but like I said I don’t need something that will light a garage, for my (what I thought was little) closet!

I appreciate the help from everyone!! Is there a secondary market for these types of lights?

Keep the advice coming , by all means!

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Welcome to the community ! you have received great advice if you’re looking to cut cost a little more on lights consider cutting your space down to a 4x4 after 2 or 3 grows under your belt you can knock out a pound and a half in 4 x 4 space. Just my thoughts good luck my friend.

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Don’t know how wam bam awsome they are yet, but the light db had me build for a 3x4 area cost me under $260 each. HLG qb boards. I’ll know more late November/December ish

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