Lights and number of plants


I had planned on growing one plant at a time but I don’t think that will be enough buds for me.

So… do you think I can put two auto plants below a 300 watt led w 132 w actual draw in a 4.5 sq ft grow room?

I recommend at least two of those lights. I was running three 300w leds in that space


start 3 times the plant you want to keep. not all seeds will be big fat ladies. keep the ones that are

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I use 2 300wt leds… and I grew 3 autos won’t do it again but I had a great yield and very potent!! Happy growing :v:t3:

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How long do you grow the plants before making a decision on which one to keep?

I’m currently on my first grow, once I get a couple grows under my belt how much bud do u think is average per plant assuming the 300w led 132w actual, temps and humidity are stable. 1.5 gallon fabric pots, root organic 707 soil, fox farms trio.

Are we talking an oz minimum?
An oz if I’m lucky

Why won’t u do it again?

Auto’s can be delicate. Best to be a seasoned grower first.

How much you harvest depends on many factors. Which strain you prefer. How much light it gets. What kind of growing you do: media, soil, hydro, DWC. What type of nutes used.

And…HOW WELL THE GROWER UNDERSTANDS HIS LADIES. Make them happy and they will make you proud. Neglect them, overdose, underdose and they won’t produce max harvest.

When to thin is up to the plants. Especially with regular photoperiod seeds…not all will hatch. Not all will grow fast and happy. Some just fizzle. Failure to launch.
regular seeds…30 to 70% are males. 30% of the females won’t grow fast n happy. 40% maybe will make you proud.
Fem’d seeds a much better %. But not all will get fat n happy. Plant several in a 3.5 or 5 gallon bucket and after 4 weeks, they will show if they are the ones to keep. Dun waste time n resources on sickly small plants…they ain’t gonna be worth it.
Worst case …you end up with twice as many fat happy Ladies as you planned for…and have to cull some healthy plants.

BUY from an established seed sales outlet that will deliver fast and make up for duds. Quality costs a little more, but, if done right…will make you smile every time you remember them.


There’s no decision on which plant to keep if you’re growing autos. They will all be female if grown right. If you bought ILGM seeds, the autos will all grow correctly as females. In a 4.5 sq ft area, you’ll need 220 wall watts of light so 2 of the lights will be good. Auto flowering plants aren’t the easiest to grow and are very easy to stunt.
Blueberry 2 months old and 10 inches high

When they grow right it’s very satisfying

White widow auto 2 months old

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Because you have more yield just growing one… you have more time to spend a it… The only thing I’m saying is I won’t do is grow that many in a small space if I had a bigger tent heck ya I’d get more lights and probably try 3… and FYI depending on the grow and curing process gives u an idea on how much yield I’d say your first grow maybe an oz if that and that’s w perfect conditions throughout the grow! Good luck! :v:t3:

That blueberry looks like a male!

@Sweetsugar it’s definetely female. Maybe @skgrower can post a single picture of that same one so you can get a better close up?

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It’s not a male. It’s just a stunted female. I haven’t had any male plants in 5 grows all with ILGM fems or autos

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All I’m saying is none of mine have looked like that… my last one hermied but I’m the one who stressed it out too much…

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It’s just blueberry and amnesia haze autos I can’t get to grow right. Out of 10 plants of both strains, I’ve only gotten 2 that look like the white widow pics in my earlier post. Some of the long time regulars here are rooting for me to have better results with blueberry because they know what kind of pain I’m in. Apparently blueberry is really good for it. Next time I buy seeds, I’ll get 10 blueberry feminized. I doubt I’ll have much trouble growing those and I can clone them @Sweetsugar

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My blueberry grew great AH complete fail 5xs so not trying that anymore… had 2 great NLA as well but blueberry was most potent… :upside_down_face:

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