Lights 600w to 1000w

If I have been using a 600w during veg. Is it ok to go to 1000w during veg? Just got my new lights.

Start the recommended distance


Why not save a lil power and veg with the 6 and flower with the 1000. Get a veg bulb for the 6 and flower for the big one and rock out some buds

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I have 2000w for flower I just got them. They are both for veg and flower.

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What kind of lights are they. Do the specs say the actual draw power??

I got 1800 dollars worths of lights in my photo room and its only 930 actual watts all together 4 lights total 2 as being uva bars and a 260xl and a scorpion diablo. All by hlg

I’ll have to look. I have 2x1000 for veg and 2x2000 for flower well I just got those and a bigger tent. They are viraspectra lights. Just want to make sure I don’t fry them by going from 600 to 1000.