Lightning question Mars Hydro TSW2000

Had a question about lighting I have two tents and in my 4x4 I was using a Mars Hydro TSW2000 and I’m having an issue with the light only half the board is working so until I replace that one I was wondering if I should only use it for supplemental light or if I could just do less plants in that tent and adjust around the tent to the light or would I need to do a test to see how much light it’s actually giving off


If remove the light totally and do less plants. Not knowing why it isn’t working and so running it could be dangerous if there’s a short or something going on.


How many drivers on top of this light? I’m thinking one, which means you probably just have a wiring issue that you may be able to fix yourself.

Did you buy this on Amazon? Go leave them bad review that your light failed and then reach out to them via email. It will probably take forever, but they may get you replacement.

Just toss the POS in the bin and get another light. Mars is the worse when it comes to warranty and service. The connectors at the board or the board traces at the connectors like to fail on those lights and let the china smoke out.


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Oh man that sux! @Borderryan22 is right could be a fire hazard to run this light as is. Id follow @dbrn32 advice, he knows his lights and the companies EXTREMLEY well.

If you ordered it from marshydro’s website directly you may get better customer service.

@Blastfact isnt wrong, Mars lights are not like super great, they arent trash and the two I own work great for growing but there are better lights to be had for sure.

Im sure if you ask Bern how to look at the light to see if there is a wireing issue, he will help you.