Lighting when flipping to flower and during flower stage

I have two outdoor tents:

  1. Greenhouse clear tarp
  2. Regular shaded tarp

When I flip to flower how much light does the plant need to grow successful buds? Hawaii has good sunlight so I can situate the plant so it receives some light without having to move it twice a day. How much sunlight would be enough to keep the plant healthy?

Not sure how you expect us to give a good gage on sunlight levels

As much as you can give it.

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I want to give it about 3 hours of sunlight so i dont jave to move the plants back and forth. Its in 15 gallon pots and almost 6 feet tall so its kind of heavy

Can i get away with less light so it doesnt reveg?

A flowering plant should get 12 hours of darkness per day. I didn’t think about you being in Hawaii with long days. You won’t have to worry about that until March in Hawaii.

We actually get 12 hours of light. Im thinking that I may have to put a tarp to divide the tent so one side doesnt get light at night