Lighting vs buds

How long after I switch to 12 and 12 lighting should I start to see Buds? It has been a week now and my plants just keep getting taller.

A month or so should suffice

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But they keep getting taller and taller. I don’t have any grow room now, what do I do?

It depends a little on how old the plants were before you put them in 12/12, and if they already had pre-flowers or not. If they already had pre-flowers, the buds will develop and show a little faster. But in general, even with pre-flowers, the buds don’t really start to take off until about at least two weeks after the switch into 12/12.


The plants are a little over 2 months old. What are pre-flowers? I’ve read just about all of Bergmans material and I haven’t heard that term. The plants are now touching my light. The light is air cooled so no heat. What is the correct way to trim them back ? I had trimmed the central stalk 2 weeks ago but now the leaf are touching the light. Plants Aprox. 48" tall and growing like crazy with no height room available. 2 are super skunk and one is an ak47 in a 2’ x 4’ x 6’ agro tent with hps lighting and air filter system

Pre-flowers are exactly what they are, pre-flowers – small signs of flowers at the nodes, that will not continue to swell or cluster, that show even before any changes to the light schedule have been made.

As far as training, or maybe cutting anything back, check out the training articles, like these here:


Kind of on the same topic, Is the time frame (1-2 weeks) after the 12/12 change
considered the Stretch and is this happening simultaneously with the Pre-Flower
time (time before plant fully switches to flower mode)

And to clarify why I ask I am trying to calculate the 8 to 9 weeks of flower and
want to know when to start counting, Right after 12/12 change or 1 - 2 weeks
later after stretch and plant is fully in flower mode

Again, pre-flowers can show on a plant well before they are put into a “flowering” light cycle. It mostly has to do with the age and or size, and when or if a plant will show them is very much related to the specific strain, there is no real consistent time frame for pre-flowers, it is very strain specific.

However, yes the first two weeks of stretch after being placed in a “flowering” light cycle may not show much signs of flowering, but then after the two weeks of stretch slows, abundant bud growth should be very noticeable.

I count from the moment the light is changed, and make notes, because the flowering time frame – it is always a loose guide, and the actual time frame may vary due to specific conditions in your growing environment, however most people seem to start count after the two weeks of stretch and not start until very clear signs of flowering are noticeable.


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I’m know I’m being impatient but what does it does it look like and where do the buds first appear? Also, it’s been about 2 weeks since I changed to 12/12 and leaves are turning yellow and falling off. Is that normal? I’m concerned.

Look very closely at the nodes and between any branches and stems the V shaped crotches off trunk if you see what look like tiny little tear dropped pointy things with tiny hairs coming out those are pre-flowers.

Thank you, I see those. What about some of the leaves falling off and they are the large ones?

do you mean aiming down or falling off? as your plant flowers it will stretch and grow fast anything not getting enough light will start to die off

Falling off

That makes sense and is probably what is happening. Plants are so thick they are blocking light that use to be getting to lower leaves. What is proper way to prune to allow light to get to lower leaves? I’m finishing 2nd week of 12/12 with no buds yet. Leaves are thinning out on lower half of plants and getting dense at top.

Don’t prune that is proper way if you are concerned you can always add side or bottom lighting. Pruning is a science in flower it can cause plants to turn male or seriously slow down flower only time I prune is veg or first week of flower and not fan leaves just limbs I know will never make the cut

Thanks a bunch! I appreciate the advice

No problem if this is your first grow you want to learn how the plant grows naturally so in the future you have a better idea as to what you could change and what could safely and easily have been pruned before flower. Fan leaves are your solar panels they produce energy limbs that barely get any light with little to no chance of producing good quality buds are what you would prune in future grows by seeing how the plant grows you will learn to recognize the difference. Only reason any pruning is of benefit is if done right energy is not wasted on repair or fruitless bud :wink: takes practice and some believe the energy used to heal isn’t worth the reward

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Great advice, thank you

Good morning Donaldj,
I’ve been at 12/12 for 3 weeks now. I have now seen bud growth for the last 2 days. How long do I let this stage develop or how do I know when to harvest. I have Feminized super skunk and ak-47. Plants are about 3 months old. Plants are drinking about 16 oz each, twice a day, soil based
Thanks for all your advice.

Each strain is different and flowering has no set length some plants finish in 6 weeks others can be up to 16 weeks or more in flower watch your plant the flowers and buds will continue to get larger as hairs start to turn brown watch for new ones. You should buy a pocket microscope or jewlers loop what tells you they are ready you won’t be able to see with your own eyes, you need to check trichomes the crystals they should turn milky this is thc forming, most like to wait until they are 50% milky 50% amber.