Lighting upgrade

Your explanation is of no value. What are the dimensions of the spaces you are talking about

about 4 square feet per - 2X2

So the area you are lighting is 4’ x 8’ = 32 ft2
Total square feet in one contiguous space is all that matters. Not the number individual plants.
Your initial descriptions about five plants in rows sounded like 2 separate and distinct spaces.
Once this is known a recommendation can be made about lights that will accommodate the shape and square feet of the space

I’m going to modify my suggestion of 4 260XL kits to 3 or 4 260 XL kits. You’ll pull 3 pounds of weed out of that area.

Start a journal when you get up and running. I’d love to follow.

The only logical issue you’ll run into is you cannot daisy chain.

Logistical **

Yes, this is what I wanted to know, I have been using one light over each individual plant, with some success I might add. I am now ready to get better lighting and tighter buds. With this set up I was getting about 2 oz per autoflower plant. I maintained a distance of 16 inches above each plant. HLG also has bar type lighting. So… I can light an area rather than each individual plant… successfully

If you search this forum for light recommendations I guess 90% will have some type of HLG at the top of the list. I am not a light guy and personally do not use HLG lights. I did my set up before I knew about them. Had I known, I would have had one ordered in about 10 seconds. They are very efficient and I would imagine you will see some savings in your electric bill in additional to having a significant upgrade in your lights and ultimately production.
If you are comfortable with the recommendation of HLG made by @NeoGroR & @MrPeat I will leave it at that. If you want additional information about light temps and model options for a 4’ X 8" space contact @dbrn32. Good luck.


There is always the diy route, using hlg qb’s, or light strips like plc.
If you diy you can customize everything to fit your space (plus save a little $$).
In theory you could build a “light” that puts one of these over every plant (that’s just the qb).