Lighting upgrade/ in addition too

What doesnt depend at all is Par and PPFd requirements needed to adequately grow plants. So in my mind, anything that doesnt meet the challenge is not worth buying. The thing with lighting seems to be either you pay now or you pay later, but in the end you pay. Today, energy is getting expensive, so efficiency is of primo importance. You can get fabulous results with street lamps but the tax payers aren’t paying the electric bill!

Ok, but do you have a parts list so I can know what to watch for to go on special?

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Depends on what you can find. There’s hundreds of led modules you could use.

I’m sorry it’s taken so long to get back to you here. Super busy week but I definitely wanted to make sure I touched base with you.
It’s sort of tough considering your budget and the size of your tent. You can definitely get a relatively decent light for that price but it won’t be big enough. You’ll need two. The issue you’re going to have is with penetration. Yeah, tents are reflective but once your girls get bigger, and fuller, you’re going to lose penetration and your yield will be affected.
If you’re a newer grower, I really don’t recommend any lights that you have to build yourself or that you need a umol meter for. You have enough to worry about trying to grow these plants. Once you’ve mastered or gotten better at the grow itself, then you can challenge yourself with playing with more professional lighting.
You can get some really decent lights that don’t require anything except a remote control.
Don’t get me wrong, lights that require ballasts are still really great. My lab has a small crop growing underneath metal halides and they are bomb!! BUT they make a lot of heat and they absolutely affect our energy costs.
The majority of our crops live under NextLife Commercial Series LEDs. They keep our heat much more manageable, they produce phenomenally potent, fat nugs and they make much less of an impact on our energy bill BUT they’re much more expensive upfront. The size we have that each cover 5’x5’ for flower and 7’x7’ for veg set us back around $1,700 EACH and we have an entire room full of those damn things. They do have a smaller one that covers 3’x3’ flower and 4’x4’ veg runs $595 ish. So that’d be fine for your veg period, but you’re going to lose coverage and penetration in flower and that’s not where you want to be losing light.

So I have two possible routes you may want to consider: a) you can stick with the light you got or wanted to get, but do NOT fill your tent. You should also invest in ventilation and circulation, equipment, equipment to deal with humidity and heat. If you don’t already have fans, inline exhaust, an air conditioner and a dehumidifier then the best bang for your buck is to
b) wait until you have a few extra hundred dollars, get a little better quality LED light where those environmental concerns aren’t THAT big of an issue and will be easier to control.
I looked around the www to see what I could find: something that’s going to get you the best coverage for your space AND affordable while still being decent quality and this is what I found: (i also included pics for you)

  1. Led Grow Light MARS HYDRO 1200W CREE LED Growing Light Full Spectrum for Indoor Plants High Yield Veg and Flower Plant Lights for Hydroponics (Pro II Cree 1200W) $540;
  2. VIPARSPECTRA UL Certified 600W LED Grow Light,with Daisy Chain,Veg and Bloom Switches, Full Spectrum Plant Growing Lights for Indoor Plants Veg and Flower
    Keep in mind though, that this one covers 2x2.5 max in flower so you can’t fill your tent. I’ve used this LED in the lab and as long as you stay within the footprint it really does produce a quality plant.
    600W is like $170, 900w is $250 and the 1000w is like $340.
    Personally, I really like ViparSpectra for the pricepoint. I don’t think you can find a better LED for that money. I had some beautiful plants grow from these lights and they’re incredibly easy to use.
  3. Timber Grow Lights Model 4VS (Vero29 V7 COBs)
    this one covers a 4x4 space so that’s great, but it’s in the mid $500s. I’d attach a link but I don’t think that ILGM allows us to post links to other sellers besides Amazon. Just google it. There’s a photo below to use as a reference just make sure you search the 4VS, NOT the 2vs. That one would be too small
  4. Growing Lights COB LED Plant Light Dimmable Full Spectrum 13 Band A900 900w BloomBeast Hydroponics Greenhouse Lighting Clone/Seedling Veg Bloom(High Yield)
    I actually found this one on a list from another website. Again, I’m sorta new to ILGM and from what I understand of the rules, I’m not allowed to post links to other sites unless they’re to Amazon and oddly enough some of the lights I recommended above are also on this list. The list is called Best LED Grow Lights for Your 4x4 Tent (hint, hint). I HIGHLY recommend this list. They’ve actually got some suggestions that I didn’t even think of. So maaaaayyybbeeeee you type that title into Google or something?? :wink:

I hope this helps a little bit more. Feel free to throw more questions my way and I’ll do my best to help out!!


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Bump old topic.

Anybody been to hlg website recently?
I just noticed they have a blue spec and red spec. Now I really have a problem on making a choice

Saw that too. I was like “B-spec?”

I picked up some 5500k 105watt cfls to use with the rspec. To make it more like an RB’-spec. More light, it cant hurt
And I dont care about the electricity