Lighting upgrade/ in addition too

my setup is concealed in my basement, 2x4x6 tent with 1000w led rodelaro pulling 145w. I understand to get better, denser buds, I need better / more light. my current budget is about 100 to $125. I’m thinking about adding this, so I would have led on one side, this on other, possibly at different heights depending on what I’ve got going. 600w dimmable hps.

if this is junk say so, if you have some suggestions that will fit budget, please let me know.


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My understanding is HID is the tried and true gold standard. I am intending on using a 1,000 watt mh/hps set-up for my 5x5. Not as efficient as the new LED’s but still affordable. Just my opinion from the research that I have done, Depending on tent size, heat may be a problem, depending if air cooled or not. @dbrn32 is the lighting guru from what I understand. You should ask him for any advice concerning lighting.


Those lights do a lot of over promising and under delivering. However, going with a 600 like that will probably cause more problems than good. It’s a big light for that small of space. Also more heat than most people can manage. They don’t really provide ideal coverage in a long narrow space either. Unfortunately, there aren’t a lot of suitable alternatives in your price range either.

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@dbrn32 best advice for a small tent grower! I couldn’t imagine having to deal with the temp swings in my small tent. I grow in a 2x4 aswell. My advice is I would stick with what you have for now and put 20 bucks a week aside for a quantum board. Everyone tells me they’re worth the wait and money. I’ll be able to afford mine in January but until then I’m making do with my viparspectra 300watt lights

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Heat is gonna be a serious problem. Plus you need to have a hood that you can pass air through to vent it constantly. LED is the best bang for the buck in a small enclosure period. But not a cheapo blurple a real full spec fixture. Make one, buy the parts within your budget, spend a weekend assembling it.

If you know how to build a qb that will work in a 2x4 tent for $125 I want to know where you get your equipment! Or what strain you’re smoking!:joy:
But seriously I’m looking to save money where ever I can without cutting out quality. I’m looking at $400 + Canadian for a good light that will fit my tent.

You can grow weed and maybe pay back your investment in as few a 4 months! I know of very few business models that can do that except for maybe mowing lawns? Certainly after the first year of growing, even the most expensive lighting option would be paid for with some surplus for yourself!

Check out hlg 260, you’ll want to wire the driver outside the tent to cut down on the heat it produces inside that area but it’s really easy to install and there’s plenty of YouTube vids for that.

Personally, I’m of the opinion light is the most important factor of your grow, no matter if your growing vegies or weed. If you cut corners here it is essentially throwing your money away. Do you k iw that the majority of growers that underpower their grows ( buy cheap lights ) end up getting a better light and have the crappy lights remain in a pile cuz they cant sell em, heck they’re even hard to give away! So in my mind anyway, better off to save up for the right light to begin with.

I spent 1600 bucks to light a 4x4 space! By my math that’s double what you intend to spend. I would have been open to spend 600 to 800 for a smokin’ good light with dimmer control for a 2x4 grow for sure!

If you’re worried about budget then prepare for a pretty decent hike in your electricity bill with a metal halide.
BUT metal halides grow some dope ass nugs my dude.
Also get ready to compensate the heat it creates with an AC. They may be cheaper initially but overall, much more expensive in utilities.

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check out 2x75W DIY COB or maybe 1x100w COB or 3x50w COB. Very simple to assemble

What would you suggest I purchase then? Either to supplement or replace what I have. My tent is in a Basement that gets down to 50deg F in winter and only about 65 or so in summer.

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I would suggest making a fixture LED and add heat as needed with a controller. Way cheaper in the end, less risk of a house fire too! Those street lights are pretty farken hot!

I have seen the lighting DIY forum, but so much in there. I am good putting things together, but not in knowing the list of parts that I would need.

Is there a parts guide for light I would need?

That may be a suggestion, have different guides with suggested parts for different size lights.

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This is the main man when it comes to lights @dbrn32 @Steve420

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That’s a small budget for even a DIY light. Do you have access to any free aluminum plate, angle, bar stock, or anything like that?

No, I do not.

If needed, I can save up for a bit, what would I be looking at for cost of parts?


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It’s better to save up and do it right. I spent $451 on two Viparspectra PAR600 lights. I said screw it and dropped $799 on 2 HLG 260xl rspec kits. Oh well…live and learn. Glad I did get the QB’s now.

Depends a little. diy lights usually run about $1 per watt give or take, and ideally you’re looking for a 250-300 watt light.

Sometimes the electrical distributors run coupon codes, or you can find previous generation leds at discounted prices. That can work out in your favor too. I believe your best bet right now would be to squirrel some cash and keep your eye out for some aluminum you can repurpose. If you can find something useable as heatsink or frame material would save you some cash.