Lighting to sprout


Im new here, my question is after germinating my seed and putting it in soil can i place it in my grow tent under 1000 watt led full spectrum light or do i need a germination station? Thanks in advance


Hi @Tammie, you can place your seedlings under your LED, just make sure it’s not too close. Try out about 25-30 inches above them. If they start stretching you can move the light down a bit. If they start repelling the light, then raise it. :slight_smile: Hope that helps.


1000watts is a lot for a little seedling. You would be better off with a T5 or CFLs. I germinate under a 4bulb 2ft T5.


Thanks to both will a 45 watt full spectrum light be enough I have 3 of them also


If you have three 45 watt full spectrums, then that would be preferable over the 1000 watt LED.


My 1000 watt might be too big for my tent . My tent is a 2x4x5 Apollo someone suggested it but I think maybe I need a 4x4x6 not sure


That is a lot of light for such a small space, but you can probably make it work. @dbrn32


It’s a dimgogo supposed to be the same as a 400 watt h p s


I’m new to all this I don’t smoke or grow my mom has cancer and thought it might help so I ordered 5 blueberry autos


I see, welcome to the forum, @Tammie. There are quite a few here that don’t smoke and grow only for medical purposes. I’m sorry to hear about your mom, but at least you’re trying to help. Everyone here is very friendly and helpful, so we can help you with your grow from start to finish. I tagged our lighting expert, so as soon as he sees it he’ll help with your lighting and get you on the right track.


Thanks so much I have the double chip white


Thanks for the tag @raustin! Hopefully we can get this seeds a poppin…

@Tammie is this the light you have?


If that’s what you have, it’s probably a little small for your space if anything. You should have no problem at all germinating under it.

I would probably start it out about 24-30” above your pots. When they sprout, watch to make sure they don’t stretch. If you see them start to get tall, start lowering your light. That height should be about right though. Once they have a couple sets of leaves you can start lowering down to around the 24” mark if you hadn’t gotten there already. Based on the par map, you’ll probably want to run it about 14-18” above canopy for flowering. Not sure how big the footprint will be at that height, probably not big enough for a full space that size. So you may need another light source or two to do that well.


a whooping 184w at the plg…
seller calling it 268w


Sorry couldn’t post at the time I have the tripple chip white one. Thanks for your help much appreciated.