Lighting the Girl Scout Auto

Hi All,

The Girl Scout has sprouted. It seems so short. Is it short due to genetics or too much light or both.
I have this cheapo 600w Roleadro light, seems good and popular only using for 1 plant. Says full spectrum?
I started @20” for 4 days moved to 36” for 4 days. 8 days old still looks healthy but seems short to me.
Looking at the specs for this light. How high should I go for seedling? How high for veg and how high for flower?
I was thinking about just leaving at 36 and just let the plant grow to the light never moving it.
Need some tips Thanks in advance!
FYI lights are 18/6: light on temp = 75 RH = 40 / Lights off temp = 70 RH = 50

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You should be able to lower light a little more. Go a few inches than wait a few days and if all looks good repeat. I would shoot to get to about 24" from plant over next 10-14 days.

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The soil looks very moist to me…maybe too moist. Overwatering is a very common mistake, but can be fixed very simply :slight_smile:

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10-4 I will get light closer!
should I keep it 24 for veg and flower?

been trying to let it dry out between waters
however, us new guys love to water

Around there should be good for veg. When you start flowering you can try something like 18"

Thanks for the tips, in summary :
For this light: start moving to get to 24" for seed and veg.
Move to 18" for flower.

Try not to over water.

More info:
My stealth space is only 14" x 20" with 36" to the light (from top of 3 gal pot).
any other advice?
Thank you!

Start training plant early to keep from getting too tall for your space

Thank you @dbrn32
That was my dilemma, in a small space, do i just leave it alone or train.
and so i need to train for small space.
I am guessing LST for auto or do I top it and get aggressive?

I probably wouldn’t top it, you shouldn’t really need to. If it grows well once it has 6-7 nodes you can just bend top over a little and tie it off for couple days. That will make lowers come up any you should have everything at about the same height. If you need to from there you pull each of them out to flatten plant out and open it up a little. I would suspect it would be going into flower if you get that far, in which case your work would pretty much be done.

If leaves look good and out and perky she is A Ok and needs no water. Watering cannabis goes on intuition and experience. The more you observe the more you’ll understand. And remember before lights out and just after lights on the plants most times will be droopy. Every night I go in my greenhouse before dark and all of my plants are drooped and ready for a good snooze

Update: Girls seem very healthy. They still seem very short/very stocky. “these girls have a short bush” I guess its genetics combined with my grow environment?
Since they are healthy I assume that I got watering right and lights correct height. My grow space is so small i can barely hold 1 plant. but as a new guy I popped 3 seeds. Now I will have to weed out some weed later on. (sad thought) My first pic above was day 8.
this pic is day 16 right after transplant in 3 gal pot. the other 2 are 13 days old and in 1 gal pots.

Here is day 24 / day 21. I put some rocks to keep the lower leaves out of the dirt. hope that is ok. so far no adverse effects. They started with the pistols on around day 20. Gave them their first nutes on day 20. the big one is only 6" tall with a stalk like a pencil. So far they still fit in my 14" x 19" x 36" space. going to be sad to cut down a plant for space. any questions or advice is welcome. especially advice.

and here is yesterday (day 28 /day 25) going to give them a little food today. any advice is welcome this is my first grow.

Looking great!

I fear your tent is going to be very crowded. I am on my first grow and got overly ambitious with three plants in a 2x2. They are really fighting for space and light now! I am in about 4 weeks of flowering. I know my yields will suffer due to this rookie mistake, but everyday is a learning opportunity. Next time, one plant with massive yields. Let’s see!

Happy growing. Keep posting updates! :slightly_smiling_face:

Update: The big plant in the 3 gal pot is now 40 days old from when seed emerged from dirt. seems to have 13 main bud sites and is 19" tall from top of pot. main cola is 7" above rest of plant. I have done zero training. Dirt is happy frog with 20% added perlite. it has only been fed maxibloom 5-15-14. starting at day 22.(3 days after transplant from solo) water every other day with ph’ed water. Every other water has the maxibloom. it was 3rd feeding before i went full power on nutes.
questions:1 should i take a few leaves off that are blocking bud sites? 2. should i try to lean that main cola over a bit? 3. how many more day until the buds start looking mature?

HELP: Day 42: Crap: My healthy little lady has spotted leaves. What’s the diagnosis? Only 6 or 8 leaves about half way up the plant. 600w led is about 10" above the main cola. most details are one post up.

Usually we shoot for 12" - 18".

What does your light manufacturer suggest?

thanks for response @PP3121 light is $60 amazon 600w blurple. does not really say what height. i will move light higher. light is 17" above the main body of plant where the spotted leaves are. 10" above tip of cola. cola has no spots.
does this look like light damage? should i try to bend the main cola over (LST) so everything same height. Thank you for responses!!

Since I am new myself, lets get some other opinions @dbrn32 and @IslandGrown76. Since you gave some info before, what do you think? Hope you don’t mind me tagging you.

I will say that my plants stretched due to the low quality light necessitating LST because I could not raise the lights anymore. My main cola was less than 10" from the light. I was a week or two into flowering and really didn’t want to LST, but I had to make a decision. I did, and as far as I can tell, the plant is doing well.

Does any one know what the brown spots are?
Is it nute or light burn? or is it a deficiency?
They are just on a few of the big fan leaves.