Lighting schedule thoughts

From what I’ve read, the flowering stage lighting drops to 12/12. The plant(s) must not see any light during it’s dark phase. A few minutes of light from a flash light can alter the cycle. My question: Could a 6/6 light schedule possibly cut the flowering time in half? The plant is still getting 12 hours of light and dark but with a separation. I would hate to ruin a good start by experimenting with an unknown. Any thoughts or has this been tried in the past with no luck.

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Look up ‘gas-lighting’.

6/6 in flower will likely return the plant to veg mode. Flowering plants need continuous 12 hrs of darkness. I do 6/2 in veg then 12/12 for flower

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I would stick with a 12/12 lighting schedule, like @Bobbydigital said " Flowering plants need continuous 12 hrs of darkness".

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You also need to consider that the plant needs a certain amount of light for it to do the job you are asking of it. If it doesn’t see correct values the yield will suffer in quality and quantity.

I thank and appreciate the input regarding the light schedule.