Lighting schedule helppp

My plant is beginning to preflower and I have had it on 12/12 for about a week because I was trying to sex a photo in the room will it hurt my plant to take it back to 18/6 found out the photo was a male

It’s an auto the one preflowering

From what I understand, I don’t think so. I’d say go for it. But I’ve never harvested one yet. Lol

@Ncgreenthumber @Drillbit @MicheleE

@WeedGrower47 can you post a pic and plant info?

Autos don’t have a requirement, you should be able to go back to 18/6 without issue.

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My first plant I had lights on 24/7. Now I shut the light overnight and I usually sleep 6 hours (if that) so that works for me. But @LandShark is right. Autos aren’t strict on light schedule.