Lighting recommendations 3x4 (first time grower)

Okay, thanks! So, I guess I will have to be getting two lights.

Thank you so much for helping and breaking it down :grin: I felt like I was reading Greek trying to find a light! I will probably end up going with the HLG 260, is there anything else specific I should be looking our for besides the Samsung Lm301 diodes?

Budget lights will grow budget buds! Good lights will grow good buds! Great lights will grow great buds! Which one do you want?? Your choice.

@Audiofreak I get your point… But as a beginner, I am here to understand the differences between the budgets. There’s nothing wrong in asking questions, but it’d be nice if you’d like to give some actual advice instead of a “smart Alec” answer :wink::woman_shrugging:t3:

You misunderstand my humor maybe, sorry as I ment no slight but speak too straight sometimes but this is very true. Was for me when I first started wish I had the money I wasted before I listened to that statement, convinced me to step back and think. I ended up with the HLG 260xl for my 2x4x6. That light will grow some great buds!


@Audiofreak I apologize! I am terrible at reading humor :joy: I have a brother in law who treats me like I’m dumb because I’m asking questions and he’s a “pro” after two crops :roll_eyes:

You have only one HLG 260xl for your 2x4? Do you think I would need two for a 3x4 or would one be sufficient enough for a first grow?


No apology needed I should have added a ( LOL) it’s all good.


A 300 or 320 is probably a better choice for multiple plants.


I run a 260 XL and another half of a 260 for one plant, but I’m a light whore. lol.

Better light = better buds.

Be sure to get an Rspec (an HLG designator for red spectrum.) You need the Rspec for flowering.


@Spiney_norman thanks for the tag. I love talking about lighting.

@Hempqueen9 hi. I’m Neo. I’m not a lighting expert, but I feel I give good advice.

I am personally a victim of cheap LED lights. I have since went on and bought 3 HLG diy kits. I have the 260 kits.

For your 3x4 tent, you’ll need more that one 260 kit has to offer. If you want LED, you should look at the 350r at a minimum. At $549, I’m guessing that is out of range.

Let’s talk about LED lighting for a second. LED grow lights are a rather new technology. They are making new, better, more efficient lights every month. It’s a cool trend. Who knows where we’ll be in 10 years.

Now let’s look back 10 years. LED lights were a joke. Very few people grew quality weed with LED lights. Everyone grew with High Intensity Discharge lights (HID). To this day there are still huge indoor grows using nothing but HID lighting due to the cost of switching to LED.

With many people switching to LED, HID ballasts can be found dirt cheap.

My recommendation would be to Check out eBay, Craigslist and Facebook market place for a used 600w HID ballast. Find a used hood and get a fresh HPS bulb, you’ll get a few good grows out of it.

Summed up: with a $200 budget, trying to bloom 12sq/ft, LED shouldn’t be your first choice. Look into a used 600w or 1000w ballast.

Old magnetic ballasts can be repaired for $25 if you can find one broken. I bought 2 1000w ballasts on Craigslist for $20.

My local hydro store has a few laying around I bet he’d give away if you bought a $50 hood from him.

Anywho, I’m rambling.


One more thought, in case you didn’t know, HID lights put out a lot of heat. You’ll need a hood that you run your ventilation through to keep the temps down.


@Hempqueen9 I’m all about growing the best I can since it’s just me and the wifey.

We just did some research into lights and if I may share what I had to figure out.

I run a rdwc system in a 5’x10’ room. I have two grow sites. Total growing foot print of my plants are 3’x5’ max.
I looked at two dif. brands of lights. HLG and ChilLed Tech

HLG 350R $549.
ChilLed x2 330 $499.
ChilLed x3 330 w/code $550.
ChilLed x3 mini $299.

Prices as of yesterday.

Those lights were just about max lights for my area. I bought two x3 mini’s so I would have one over each plant. I could have used any of those lights above but I also had to think about maybe one plant growing higher than the other. So I went with the two lights that gives me the option to run at different heights.

Hope this helps some.
Good luck!


@NeoGroR In all honesty, I want a light that is going to hold me over for one grow (my first grow). I have no problem putting more money into my setup along the road.

(But I’m also not expecting to grow the “best of the best” for my first grow, as I’m still learning the basics and how to know when the plants are ready for each stage.)

If one HLG light or one of the Volt VL-1 lights will hold me over for my first grow, then that’s all I need for now :sweat_smile:


Don’t set the bar too low!

My best grow was my first one, rookie mistakes and all.

I got 4 ounces of really dense bud off one black widow and 3 ounces off a white widow. I’ve never been able to replicate that. Still trying.

I’m harvesting a sour diesel auto today. I’m hoping it hits the 4 ounce mark.

I used an HLG 260 kit in my 3x3 for my first grow. I added a second kit. I now have a Veg tent with a 3rd 260 kit in it. Very diverse and easily expandable.

Good luck! Start a journal, tag me in it and I’ll follow along.


@NeoGroR thanks for all the advice! I will definitely start a Journal and tag you :blush: I had a quick question, I started my seeds in clear solo cups (:woman_facepalming:t3:), would it be okay to duct tape the outside of them and cut slits? Or should I just get a red solo cup and slide the clear one in it, and cut slits in both?

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I started my first grow in clear solo cups and covered with sandwich bags. I still use sandwich bags if I feel the humidity is too low. You’ll probably be fine. Just make sure it has drain holes. No need to transplant until it’s ready. Duct tape wouldn’t be a bad idea.


If this helps I drill holes in bottom of both.


This will, by far, become your favorite hobby.

It’s so much fun and rewarding.

There are a bunch of pod casts that have taught me a lot. My Favorite being Growcast. Tons of info. Check’em out.

Welcome to the group!


@NeoGroR I was under the impression that growing them in clear would expose the roots to light and therefore could burn them or harm them in some way?

Thank you for the welcome! :blush: I grow citrus so growing things has always been a hobby but this has definitely overtaken them! Lol


That’s what I’ve heard too. But, my anecdotal evidence says you’ll be ok. I’ve never started a seed in a clear cup since. Don’t sweat it. If you’re nervous, slide them into a solo cup or use duct tape.

What strain are you growing?


I’m growing Skywalker OG, currently. The seedlings are 5 days old Today and @3inches tall, which I have no idea is too tall or too fast… So any input is greatly appreciated! Lol