Lighting questions/ Recommendations

So I was wondering if anyone uses these small HPS like 70w and 100w that uses no ballast just normal screw in type I just seen at a big box store starts with an L…
Iam currently using a viparspectra 600 and a 125w Florissant and was wanting to add more light at flowering…! 20171101_093832|666x500

I’m not familiar with them, even at smaller wattages all of the hps bulbs I’ve seen used some kind of a ballast.

Just out of curiosity, what is the cost on something like that? Can you find an amazon link to post so I can see exactly what you’re talking about?

They had MH up to 150w and HPS 70w 20bucks

That’s for the bulb, or a complete fixture?

For just the bulb, but I found them on Amazon for 10 to 15 $…

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And they specifically said no ballast required, and will fit standard (I think it’s e27) base?

Ya looking over them online to get anything desent, must have ballast or igniter or whatnot, i think I’ll past and go with another led or a bigger better MH/HPS set up…thx


For sure! I just didn’t want you donating money to something that wouldn’t work as you expected.

If you’re looking for some cheap supplemental lighting, maybe check out some of the led flood lights on amazon. If it’s specifically for flowering, I’d look at some warm whites, like 2700-3000k. If you remove the glass on them they seem to do a pretty good job. I bought a 4 pack of 20 watt for under $60 a year or so ago.


you can post links to amazon @Ky2high It would help us if we were sure of what specifically you are asking about.

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