Lighting questions new grower


is a 300w rolaedro 2 enough light for a 24×48×60 grow tent with 2 plants?


You will need roughly 400 actual watts. That’s about 3 of those lights in that space.


Sounds about right or 2 of the 400w version


@bgnrww I have a tent 36x48x60 and I run 2- 450 watt led lights


awesome thanks guys. my rolaedro is like a white light is how I would describe it almost the color of an hos. with led should it be the ones with all the reds and blues? what do the plants like more


Blue lights for Veg. Reds for flower.


That is not a bad thing the blue and red burple lights are getting pushed out as new technology has proven white light is as good if not better. This is not to say that burple doesn’t work just that most manufactures are evolving and taking lessons learned to build more grower and plant friendly lights


I am a little confused with the wattage thing. I current have a 600 watt LED in a 2x4 tent. Plants are currently only 12 days. I’m thinking I’ll need more but question is do I add another 600 w or can I add something larger and run with the 600?


The confusing thing is just manufacturer marketing hype. Look for the real watts drawn from the wall. You need 50 of those real watts per square foot. Ignore the “1000 watt equivalent” claims, or whatever. Your “300 watt” light is probably about 125 watts.


I agree with @Donaldj, the “white” leds are much better now than 10-15 years ago when led grow lights became a thing. To substitute for poor efficacy of the leds, the wavelengths of peak photosynthetic efficiency were targeted. Mainly the red and blue. The current whites are putting out more than twice the light per watt in similar spectrums.

There are still some really good colored diodes out. But they’re also pretty darn expensive. Even on a diy build you can expect to pay around $3 per diode for those top performers. With an output of 1.5-2 watts per, you can bet anything using them will be pricey. As opposed to some 10,000 lumen 50 Watts cobs that you can buy for around $20. Doesn’t take a math major to figure out where the best value is.

The roleadro you’re looking at kind of falls in the middle of that tech. It peaks a little early in orange to red wavelengths compared to latest and greatest. Probably due to lower cri of the diodes used. But it’s also a lot cheaper than any of the lights you’ll find using the higher cri diodes.


how long should my seedlings stay in their domes?


Usually if they have multiple serrated-edge leaves, they have good roots that can suck up water. No need for domes at that point. New seedlings or clones that don’t have roots yet need to be sprayed several times per day and domed. You can tell when clones are rooted because they get new leaves growing.

If your humidity is very low (like you live in the desert) you could use domes to keep it high for a few weeks. My clones have all taken almost exactly 15 days to root. They were sprayed and domed all that time.


can i put tap water in my humidifier? or should I u see distilled and should I adjust the ph of the water I put in it?


As far as I know you can use tap water no PH needed.


If you use tap water your humidifier will get crusty from dissolved salts. No pH needed because it always puts out pure neutral water vapor, but use distilled or RO water for less hassle cleaning it.


hello! i am new grower for mass production, I will have 70 clones in a rooms, I am aiming to produce close to 1 lbs each or more , its hydro . please any help lights?


You’ll need to know the size of your grow space & such. You’ll also need major ventilation & all sorts of other things. Is this your first time growing?


my first time indoor, yes! Yes i have major ventilation and everything in order , I just need helps with the lights , cause I HAVE NEVER USED LED BEFORE, any recoomendations? I HAVE CURRENTLY 2 DIMGOGO 2000w LED LAMPS


Thanks for the advice