Lighting questions in a 3x3

You are extremely correct.
They all give same results, cheap diodes or Samsung 301h does not matter at all…
What is the par output?
This is all that matters to produce…
Only real difference is efficiency…
How many watts dose it take to produce the needed par…

Also can’t 4get good nutrition,soil and air flow


Of course :man_facepalming:
Sry I meant in the context of will a light work or not.

For example.
Let’s say we need 100 par a day
A hps light may cost $5 a day to give us that.
A blurpee may cost $4 a day
A off brand 3500k led may cost $3 a day
A Samsung 301h may cost $2 a day

But they all work and while the spectrums are different, even that doesn’t matter as much as light companies like us to think.

The proof is in the pudding, as you said, people killing it with nothing but straight up blue and red lights :rofl:

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Sorry I didn’t mean tk hijack your thread :pensive:
But just my quick research of that light raises some red flags.
It’s extremely expensive, doesn’t list what diodes used, doesn’t show a PAR map.
I’m positive you can do better with HLG or spiderfarmer either one.
One is a USA company one is a China company if that matters to you but basically use the same components.
There is a HLG rep here somewhere I believe, maybe give ya a discount code :man_shrugging:

I’d at least check them out before you spead your money though , tons of videos on YouTube showing results from both HLG and SF.
I currently use lights from both and no complaints on either really :upside_down_face:

Hope that helps :grin:

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I’m glad I just like to see the other lights people have had personal experience with and what they have to say I have also been looking at a mars hydro fc3000 and this is my third grow I’ve done well with the lights I’ve had and always see people talking about hlg but I also see a lot of people talk about heat issues with them and that’s one of my main reasons for wanting a bar style led but I love to see the discussion of other lights as well I did check out the sf bar style some as well

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@dbrn32 i see a lot of people calling you the lighting guru any input on this

I really like that light also i didn’t know they have the upgraded version now that’s pretty nice

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Check out @Hellraiser threads. He runs 3x3s and he uses 320s in his tents. He has alot of power in a 3x3 so he would be a good start as he has the same size tent u have. Plus he grows some of the best stuff on here lol. Check him out. U’ll b happy u did


It looks like they make there own drivers

I’m not familiar with photontek, and I don’t particularly care for anything from Mars hydro. If you go with hlg you don’t want the 260xl for a 3x3. Get standard 260 kit or the hlg-300L for 3x3. Chilled tech x3 mini also a great light for 3x3.

There are several good lights availability really. The best light may vary a little depending on individual goals.


So the chilled tech x3 mini that’s 200w … do you think it would be enough to flower and produce nice flowers in a 3x3?

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My 2$C
the 260XL has a 3’ heatsink. Tough fit in a 3’ tent
I have a Sonofarm 4000. I bought it because I wanted a light with a square footprint. It is overkill for the space I use it in (32x32"). Legit 400w from the wall per my kill-a-watt. It is clean and well built. I don’t know what it’s btu output is. In an enclosed tent my preference is to locate the drivers externally.

The dimmer is NOT accurate and I need to use my meter to set power
Over my current SOG

There are probably others but one other light designed for a square footprint is Budget LED / Elevated Lighting Co… They have a Series 3+ SQ2 250w red spec light with Samsung 301 diodes
I have a 3x3 gorilla tent - great size and quality. I run two lights with 450w in it.
I also have three HLG 260 v2 Rspec lights. They are in a 32" x 72" closet. I never want to be described as lite on lights. Two of them


If you are wanting to squeeze every gram possible out of your tent could maybe justify going with bigger light. If you’re looking to make clean runs with an efficient setup its an excellent choice. The design of it will offer a little better coverage closer to canopy.


Photontek has a good reputation. You won’t be disappointed that you bought it. Use promo code “Growcast” for 5% off.

I have 2 3x3 tents. I have one HLG 260 kit in one, and two 260 kits in the other.

Both tents have great results.

Here’s a picture with one 260 kit.

Shane (Migrow) just did a review on that light … :sunglasses: :v:

Every one of these lights will absolutely work.

The only real differences are
Upfront cost (cost to purchase)
Cost to operate (efficiency)
And longevity (how long they last)
Mars hydro is very popular and I good buy for the money, from what I’ve seen.
I’ve no personal experience with them.
I’m definitely a Spiderfarmer fan 1st (if it isn’t obvious by now :rofl:)
And Horticultural lighting group 2nd

But honestly all them will produce colas :grin:

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Just as a reference my hlg300L lights my 3x3x6 very nicely


2- 300 L in a 3X3 will give you total coverage with a little over 500 watts available works out pretty nice couldn’t be happier with the results✌️