Lighting questions in a 3x3

So I’m in the market looking to buy a new light in my 3x3 and I’ve really been looking at the photontek sq300 has anyone had any experience with them and any other lights that would work for a 3x3 that doesn’t get to warm

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They mention top bin diodes but don’t mention manufacturer. They also don’t mention what driver is used.

301b/h seem to be the standard and to the best of my knowledge HLG is the only company with top bin Samsung diodes.

I do not have experience with that light. For a 3x3 a hlg 260w xl v2 rspect would work great :+1:

I just got a new 3x3 set up should be here Friday.
I researched for a month and landed on spiderfarmers newest se3000 (with uv and new design) that literally just came out, there 6in fan and filter.

I felt this was the best bang for my buck.

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Many companies use Samsung 301b and 301h diodes.
It’s easy to go to Samsung website and check what companies are legitimate partners

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Absolutely, my Bestva’s are made with 301b. Just not top bin or they or any other company would claim it.

As I said as far as I know only HLG makes this claim of using top bin Samsung 301’s.


I think that the 260w xl would be better and is cheaper for your space. I’m currently using it on a 2.5x5.5x6.5

Edit my tent is a vivosun also cheaper

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Vivosun probably does make the best tent for the money for sure. They are good tents…


I upgraded last month 2 it and I love it

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That se3000 will probably end up in my 2x2 honestly. I’ll probably stick a 400w in the 3x3. .
I like to over size my lights and fans as to not have to run them at 100% as much, more efficient and they last longer.

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I haven’t had 2 crank it all the way up yet and hopefully I don’t have 2 . The ladies got flip last week and are getting bushy… nothing fancy I got 2 6in fans


I’m not a fan of the “hot spot” Quantum boads really.
I got a sf2000 and it dose good. But after using bar style I’m sold on them, it’s what I’ll run till whatever technology or design can out do it.

I actually might build a bar 4 a future nursery

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Looks good though

This the light specs which is y hlg killing it.


260 Watt Lamp Kit. High Efficiency QB288 V2 Rspec® Quantum Boards® powered with Samsung LM301H. Suited for main light and supplement lighting. 3 ft. long heatsink for a wider spread. New updated Inventronics driver allows full range dimming with included potentiometer.

Length: 891mm, Width: 205mm


Sry I miss spoke.
How ever, spider farmer does use top bin diodes and infact any light that has Samsung 301h is a top bin as its the only option for 301h.

Don’t get me wrong I like HLG, but they don’t got the lock on top bin diodes.
I run a HLG tent and light, I also run SF equipment and only difference I can tell is price :man_shrugging:
Just my opinion and it definitely pretty biased…

Good light but it’s still a quantum board.
I think even spread if light trumps a crazy high number in the middle :man_shrugging:. Hlg is killing the game though that’s for sure…

I feel as long they produce great yield is worth every penny no matter the brand. I know people killing with blurpees and made up rooms.

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