Lighting question


Hi, I’ve been using a 400w HPS for part of this current grow of 4 plants, with each plant being about 1,5 foot tall. Closet size is 3’x2’ and the height is about 6’.

Summer has arrived early and I had to switch that 400w to a 250w, at 3 weeks into flower and just want to know if I can expect any negative effects?

The plants already look a bit shocked but this only happened 2 days after they were dipped in Neem oil solution as the 250w hps was put in about a week ago and I didn’t notice anything bad in that time. I usually do the Neem dip 2 weeks after 12/12 flip (keeps mites away throughout flowering), but never got such a bad reaction, although, I did use a higher amount of Neem mixed with water this time around.

I’m kinda just letting them continue this week without doing much so I can see if they perk up again but wanted to know if reducing the light during flowering could cause any bad reactions or shock?

I’m planning on using two 50w UFO LEDs, on either side of the 250w hps to get some extra lunems without adding much heat but I can’t really find any info on using LED as supplemental lights. Also not sure if the closet area might be too small for a 250w hps + two 50w UFO LEDs.

Any help or suggestions appreciated.