Lighting question- timer cannot be changed

From a fellow grower: I have a small growlight system for herbs that has 3 small pods about the size of Dixie cups. The light is extendable upwards as the plants grow and it has a 16 hour on timer and the time can’t be changed. The water troft below the plants feeds the cups. Will this work? I’m wanting to grow some Afghan Indica or any other indica that would work in this.

You’ll need a proper cannabis light to have a productive grow.

This is fine if you are growing an auto that won’t care about the light cycle. If you are growing a photoperiod plant, you’ll need to have a timer that will support a 12/12 light cycle.

It’s best to not bottom feed a cannabis plant. Cannabis likes wet and dry cycles. Seedlings should get very little water or you will risk root rot (called damping off.)


They’d have to be autoflowers if that timer is absolutely unchangeable, wait Dixie cup sized pods? Your setting yourself up for failure if you’re growing in anything short of 3 gallons of medium


Why are autopot growers having so much success?

I’m not familiar with auto pots. Just trying to avoid a situation where a new grower sits a pot in a pan of water and leaves it.


@MidwestGuy Not trying to be confrontational, was just wondering. I’m in the process of setting up my autopot system because of success others have had and the need to leave them unattended for 10-14 days at a time.


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Sounds like an aerogarden to me. Think more of a recirculating dwc system. I suppose depends on the system, mine has 7 pods and pumps from res to each pod based on timing that is adjustable. People that grow weed in them typically wait until roots establish in the solution, then remove or turn off pump and replace with air stone. Which would make it just a typical dwc system.

You’re not wrong about this being difficult though. They have extremely small res, the ph and ec swings can be ridiculous to deal with. Not to mention keeping any solution in them.

I will play devils advocate :slightly_smiling_face: what are you considering successful? They don’t seem to do anything that any other hydroponic system can’t or doesn’t do? One could argue that they are just overpriced hydroponic systems that are prone to have valve clogs and cause a mess. As to where a large res dwc system is way cheaper, and has no valves to cause problems.

Since you are opening door to have the valve/leak potential, an auto watering or drip system could also solve issues with being away from your grow. And with any of them you wouldn’t be limited to offered tray configurations.

Just sayin

Plants don’t die and produce (above)average yields per square foot.

Just as many potential issue with the auto watering or drip system. There is more than one way to accomplish a mission :+1:

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