Lighting question. So indecisive lol


Couple questions sixpack. Do you use autos or photo? How many plants can you maintain in that size tent and whats ur average yiekds?


I overstuff my grows. I have more plants crammed in a small space.

My first two grows were autos, my grows since have been photos.

My first two grows with autos, which was about 12 plants total, produced about about 9 months supply of herb for my wife and I (about 21 qt jars). I never weighed the final product, but given that we went through about 2oz per month prior to growing our own, I figure it got me a little over a pound.

My third grow was five LA Condfidential photos that I started outdoors and finished indoors. I had a lot of insect problems. I got six jars of weed, plius a jar of coconut infused oil, and about 10ml of concentrate, which lasted about 3 months. I figure I had reduced yield becasue of the bug problems (mites, aphids, and gnats) but the potency was a big step improvement over the autos.

I just harvested six Maui Wowie plants, that I scrogged. This time I battled white powerdy mildew, but I dont think it had an overall negative effect on yield and quality.
I got 9 jars of weed so far and a jar of coconut oil extract. I am very please with the quality of the high. I have a bunch more branches in the fridge that I will dry and make some concentrate out of. This will more than bridge to may next harvest in March when I pull down my three goal leafs. My goal is to continually harvest every 6 weeks.


Man those are awsome results! I was going to do autos but from my research i think what ill do is plant a few and see what survives. Probably do 2-3 plants. I got so “in my opinion” lucky my wife doeant even drink. So its all mine lol i smoke about an ounce a month. So as long as this harvest keeps me till the next ill be a happy camper


And to answer your original question, a 2x2 plot is good aveage space for one plant. I currently am more at 1x2.


@Sixpackdad do you by chance have a journal going with those 4 QB132’s? I’m really excited about starting on this soon and am just interested in reading more about this light or results from it.


This is my journal. I’m also in the grow off although my plants are just babies and won’t go under them for another six weeks. My Maui wowie clones are currently under the QB. I’ve only had that QB light in play for about 2.5 weeks since I built it.


Thanks man


@Sixpackdad. My sincerest apologies on ur journal. I missed that part. :v:


@dbrn32 sorry to bother you again lol
Would 2 of these( QB304 QUANTUM BOARD & SLATE 2) be better than 4 qb132w boards? They say that can be powered up to 150w each. Also I’ve changed my set up. Was going to do a 2x4 tent with the 4 QB 132w boards we discussed. But I’m going to grow in a different closet (wifes choice lol) this one will fit 3x3 tent. Any ideas?


Could do the 4 132w QBs in a square pattern. Just looked up the sizes. They would fit.


Either of those setups will work. Going with 4 smaller boards will give you more light coverage. It may be cheaper too, hard to keep up with sale prices.


Thought the original plan would work just wanted your opinion! Thanks. Could iget away with 4 small autos in the 3x3


@dbrn32 I’m looking to buy a couple extra small boards in the specific light range for flowering. Would these or any other recommended boards be good to boost bud size?


Those are only available in 5000k, which would be typically considered veg spectrum.

You want to maybe look at the qb18? That’s all reds, designed to supplement the warm white 80cri spectrum of the 288, 304, or 324 boards. Or maybe do something with a 4 pack of 3000k 120 or 132 boards.


They come in 4k or 5k but i thought that was flower :sweat_smile: thanks ill go look at those.


Ok @dbrn32 so im going to build a light out of the 4 pack hlg 120’s with the HLG-240H-C2100A. If i do the 3000k instead of 3500k i wouldnt need to get extra lights for flowering? Or would it still help to get thwm for the extra bud growth


And those qb18’s look really interesting. And 50$ aint bad


3000k or 3500k will both flower fine. There’s got to be close to 50+ members here using 1 or the other. If you want to add a qb 18 or two and they will fit, you certainly can. But don’t feel like you need to.


It looked like 4000k was out of stock too sorry.


All good. If it wont make a big difference then i wont add them. No need to spend more money right away.