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A question. We are about to upgrade our lighting system (currently use a HLG300 (R Spec) & two “Blurpies” (Blurpies used only for supplemental lighting). We grow indoors in a closed room (no grow tent).

I came across a brand of brand of grow light called “BestVA dimmable Pro” and I am completely unfamiliar with this brand.

Anyone have any experience with this system? Models Dimmable Pro 1000, Dimmable Pro 2000 or Dimmable Pro 4000?


@dbrn32 is the go-to light guy. @Graysin is pretty good too. Sorry, can’t personally help. Good luck!


On paper it looks like a fine Light. $70 is an okay price for 105 watts. I won’t attest to the actual quality because I’ve never used them. It’s probably an okay value light.

I wouldn’t buy anything larger than the 105 watt light personally, because there’s a diminishing return on $/watt value.

If you want good for low price, it’s a KingBrite. If you want an actually good light, HLG or ChilLED Tech is still the best way to do it.


I can personally attest to ChilLED Tech lights, they are amazing. I have 3 of the 300L’s as well and they do very well, but the X3 from ChilLED Tech is just a really good light.


Not going to be as good of light as your hlg products. Depending on what you’re looking to do, they may be plenty good enough.


Dbrn: Thanks! I purchased the HLG I am using last year and it is an incredible light. Our grows have exploded (despite my inadvertent efforts to hurt them). I am also looking at another HLG and I tend to agree.

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Check out the HLG Diablo mini if you’re looking for littler lights with good coverage and output. I’ve been thoroughly impressed with mine so far, when compared against my 260XL it seems to do better with less wattage. Not a bad $200 light and DUDE works on it so that chops off a good $20. :v:


Hmmmm. Very interesting. Thanks!


All my lights are bestva. 301b chips meanwell driver. Just bought a bestva 600 bat. Go to there website and check them out. So far I really like all 7 of my bestvas. Some are over a year old.

We are running a test with the 600 bat.
1000 watt hps on one side or room and a 600 bat on other. Then we will compare yield and quality. I will be posting results on my bestva thread it will be a couple months though just started it.
After that I would like to do the same with an equal number hgl. Not sure if we will get there though if this turns out awesome because we will probably just buy another bat. Just depends on results. This is not at my house so I only have so much input. I don’t have that kind of room. 8 ft between grows.

BESTVA Pro Series LED grow light PAR test & review | Amazon grow light review - YouTube what this you tube channel

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Watch : The best LED grow light 2021 for small spaces. By the same guy. That shows the difference between 17 different lights hlg and bestva being 2 of them.
If you go to the video link above and click on migro it is right there.

Thanks DR and Tezza!!!

A “budget” light with size limitations of about 2’ x 2’.

I am probably going to add another HLG light to my grow area.


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