Lighting Question, I need some good bud


Thanks for the encouragement. There are incredible people on this forum.


You can make your own butter with the buds you produce, it is very easy. And the medical side of edible cannabis is far greater than the smoking side of cannabis. Your body receives the thc and cannabinoids differently when ingesting it as opposed to smoking it. And in my opinion will help out your chronic pain a lot better. And if growing time is an issue you may want to look towards autoflower strains or indices as they have a lower growth and flower time. You can run 12/12 from start to finish with the indices. Yield will be diminished but since you’re looking at it in the medical aspect of you can pump out a lot of small yields fast compared to big yields it might be worth it. And autoflowers grow based off the time instead of the light schedule.


You have to make your own butter or oil. If you watch YouTube, just do a search for canna butter. They have a bunch of different ways of making it. I use a slow cook method with a Crock-Pot. There’s a lot of different ways to do it. Don’t let the Neo-Con pot haters in Texas drive you away. Just be careful and keep it low key @High_Times


I’m only guessing, but is Butter like a potent paste? I’m germinating more seeds tonight. Thanks for your knowledge.
I quit smoking Doobie in my early 20’s. Making babies (4), getting a hair cut, and a real job, was were my callings then. I’ve come full circle, retired, long hair, and raising my kiddos and a dog on my own. I’m happy, I home school my kids, and if I wasn’t in so much pain, I’d grab my parents RV, move out of this home, and cruise US/Canada with my kids. I’d save around $500 a month. I’m just not there yet, and the doctors have settled into pain management.
Sooooooo, I’m going to do what it takes to show my kids what most never get. Freedom to throw a dart at a map and live life before College and them having their own families, and jobs.
You can’t keep a good man down!
Another long winded post… Maybe I should write a book LOL


Butter is exactly what it sounds like… butter… margarine… you can use it to make cookies, or add cannabis to any of your foods. Just make sure if you were to make some you keep it separate and put up and away from your kids reach.


On a whole other note. I setting up to grow 4 more strains/4 plants this month. I’m currently using a 10 gallon DW hydro setup that holds 4. I’ve thought about the 5 gallon buckets for each plant. It’s modular and same water is circulated through all.
I’m not used to any system, it’s my first grow period. I’m growing 10 plants, with 10 different strains. Please post your favorite non dirt grow systems. I’d like to try more than one type. I’m germinating now. What’s your favorite systems?
I’m using only one type weed for 2-4 weeks, and keeping journal with all results. When I can show success, I’ll have pharmacological proof to take my doctors.
Weed is any where near as bad as getting Dilaudid using an implanted pump 24/7/365. That’s been going on 3 years. I’ll stop the back stories. I know the posts are long… I want to give any helping facts for best answers.
Does anyone in the States have Mauii Wowie seed? I’d like to get one plant started while I wait for shipment from Amsterdam. It’s all I’m lacking to get 4 more started.
It was the best I ever smoked. I haven’t seen it since late 70’s, until now. Thx again ILGM forum!


Welcome to the forum @High_Times see you have meet some of are great members


Have you discussed using cannabis with your doctor? If they test you and it shows up in a drug screen, you will immediately be taken off any pain meds except non-narcotic. I warned someone I know about it recently and he said his doctor was cool with it. He found out last week that he was being cut off for having THC in his system. I feel for him because he’s going through withdrawl. You have to pee clean every week for a month before they can reinstate the opiates. They don’t have any choice. The feds are all over this right now.


Hey High_Times, you won’t be getting any high times off these babies unless you make some serious changes. Putting last things first from your post you say, “I can also use red, blue only” but at the top you say, “I’ve got great LED lighting”.

Who led you astray and told you red and blue only was good lighting? It’s terrible lighting! Sounds like a cheap BS LED you got! YOU NEED ALL THE COLOURS OF THE SUNLIGHT SPECTRUM IN ZEE RIGHT PROPORTIONS. Red and blue only, ain’t gonna cut it brother. Your plants don’t look too happy. For example, in your picture your leaves are faded and yellowing. Why do healthy plants look brilliant emerald green? Because they get green light from the Sunlight spectrum…or good quality lights. Try an Electric Sky 300 or a Grower’s Choice lamp. Go to their websites and READ their great scientific explanations with awesome coloured graphs and technical light info made easy. Under these puppies your babies will green up fast and grow healthy and strong which means Big Buds for you! And there’s other great light companies out there too for you to chose and they are relatively expensive but you will get long lasting lights growing some powerful Buds. So do you’re research.

Also your pH is too high. Weed doesn’t like alkaline water which 7.2 is getting up there. Get some pH Down, and drop your numbers so they’re sitting pretty between 5.5 – 6.5. and depending on the strain, you can even get as high as 6.8 but anything at, or over 7.0 and you’re starting to push your luck and from your pictures, I’d say your luck is running out! Always check your pH after you’ve added the right amount of nutrients to your water. And you’re Nutrients are a whole other important ballpark, but since you’re focusing on lights and pH here so I’ll stick to that.

My main point is that you can’t depend on Lady Luck to grow good Marijuana. You need to read your science written by an authority on that science. If you don’t like reading then find someone who grows great plants and get them to tell you what you need to know. If you don’t know any good growers, then find a licensed grower and ask them for a tour of their grow and ask specifically what kind of lights they use to grow their HIGH TEST plants. And here’s a tip: find an established grow shop that’s been thriving for years way before all this “legalization” BS started. Chances are they’re EXPERIENCED growers themselves. My favourite grow shop guy is “Bob” and he’s got a biological science degree and made his money to set up his grow shop from growing good weed! A good grow shop guy WILL save you a lot of time and money by explaining why the products they sell are worth buying.

When I was visiting down in SC I dropped into one of most popular grow shops in LA and I wasn’t even looking for an auto-trimmer but there was this weird looking thing on main display so I asked the owner what it was and he told me its the best auto-trimmer around. He knows because he sells tons of them and has never had one complaint but a hoard of pro-growers that come back for MORE of this one specific trimmer. This thing is called a Toms Tumble Trimmer. By the time I met him, I was growing big and using other expensive trimmers but wasn’t happy with them. This TTT was way cheaper but high quality and now I got 4 more myself because they don’t break down and need ZERO maintenance.

Unfortunately grow lights don’t work that way and good quality lights cost more then the piece of junk it looks like you’re using. And your light is the driving force behind awesome plants and a good grow light will never be cheap. Ironically though, there’s a lot junk lights out there that ain’t cheap either! If you don’t believe me, try investing in a good grow light your reputable grow shop dealer swears by and you will SEE for yourself the huge OVERNIGHT difference a quality grow light will make for those sick babies you got!


I just wanted to echo your sentiments about the chronic pain relief aspect of cannabis and especially the frustration of living in an area where it isn’t legal. I had my 3rd Lumbar fusion surgery secondary to degenerative disc disease and spinal stenosis caused by Psoriatic Arthritis. After years of Rx Opioid meds to treat pain, I decided to detox and go the same way as you.
After 18 months I am finishing 3rd grow, all I can say is it’s a constant learning process. There is no shortage of information about the topic, but this forum is a great resource for newbies to explore for answers and advice. Good Luck!,


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