Lighting Question, I need some good bud


I’ve got 3 babies growing and have lighting question? I’ve got great LED lighting, PH is 6.8-7.2, & the full complement of General Organics Go Box. I hear all kinds of lighting advice for bloom. Based on pics., how many hours should I be offering light? I can also use red, blue only. Any input. It’s all same unit w/ auto flower skunk, Northern Lights, and asomnia.



What kind of lights are you using. Also it looks like you’re burning your plant or there is a lockout issue. Ph levels need to be between 6.2-6.8 for optimal nutrient uptake. It should never go above 7 For soil
Also flowering plants like a more red spectrum than blue spectrum during flowering (2700k-3500k)


Actually I see you’re in hydro. Your ph is wayyy to high for hydro. You need to be at 5.6-6.3 for hydro. Anything above 6.5 is no good and will cause the issues like you see here. Flowering plants depend on their dark time to flower. They need 12 hours or more of complete uninterrupted darkness to flower properly


Thanks for advice. I’ll lower ph now. I have lots of marine aquarium buffer. Can it be used to lower hydroponic ph?


Honestly I am not sure. I have been growing in soil, but unless I knew if it did lower it I wouldn’t do it to find out. There are ph lots you can buy to raise and lower the ph. There are also organic ways to do it. I know peat moss in a mesh sock or such can lower ph. I use the ph up & down kit to raise and lower mine


I do know citric acid or vinegar can lower ph for a short time


Main light was from Amazon. Here’s info: CrxSunny 1800W COB LED Grow Light Full Specturm Grow Lamps for Indoor Plants Veg and Flower.
I’ve added extra lighting from my Salt Water tank to help with blues and reds. I have extra lighting. Is there any spectrum of plant during darkness?


You want 0 light during darkness. Try to make it as dark as possible. Even minor light leaks can have an effect on them. And the light that you have is 300 true wats. It’s not a bad light. Using bridgelux cobs. It will work fine for flowering and honestly you could probably even remove the other led’s.


Thanks! I love this forum. 24/7 world wide weed growing advice. It still blows my Texas ass away.


Welcome to forum! Theres a couple of us Texans already here. This place is great, get to talk , show & improve your cannabis grow! Get your ph down, girls look good otherwise. They cant intake the nutes with ph so high


I have buffer for my marine/saltwater aquarium. Does anyone know if it would lower ph in fresh water? I need to order ph lower through mail. Thanks…


Honestly people say you can use it in a pinch but it’s bset to order from general hydroponics or and brand that is directed at mjj growers.


If it’s meant for saltwater aquariums, I wouldn’t use it for freshwater. If you have freshwater buffer, that would be fine.


Thanks for all the input. Very helpful. I’m doing a 3 gallon water change with distilled. Hydro tank is 10 gallon. That should help until ph lower gets here Friday. Is this a big screw up. I’m growing 5 strands to see how it helps me medically. I have spinal cord injury, RSD, Partial paralysis, with chronic pain. No one would allow me to try it in Texas. After Emails, Phone calls, and letters for help, I said screw it! I’m going a plant each to try. The medical community has exhausted all medical help. I get Diladid/baclofen 24/7 with pump in-plant. Pills and another implant. I’ll stand Texas if this works and shout from roof tops!
I see top neurologist and pain management in the country.
I need to make sure I’m getting the best I can. I won’t buy it or sell it. I’ll grow my own is my moral justification. Thx again for all input.


Sorry to hear about your health problems, but you’re doing what you have to do. To Hell with people that don’t understand. Good for you. I hope your grow does really well.


@High_Times if you want serious chronic pain help, you might want to consider butter and oil. I have terrible lower back pain. I was smoking it, but it wasn’t enough pain relief. I started using the butter morning and evening and the pain dropped quite a bit. I use about an ounce every 8-10 days, but it’s way better on me than the 40mg of oxy every 4 hours I was taking. I’m growing chronic widows this time along with blueberry autos for pain. Good luck. always glad to help a fellow Texan


Once you get your pH under control, the new growth should look healthy.


Thank you for the warm welcome. I’m really needing advice on medical and the best strains.
I’m running out of options. I’m up 3-4 nights with very little rest. Last month, lack of sleep had me hallucinating people. I’m taking zanax, ambient, dialaudid, and two others just as potent. Do you have any suggestions. The web isn’t reliable.
I’m a single father/50 with full custody of 2 of my 4 children. My ex is out of the picture Legally with a restraining order against her for kids. . I homeschool them and retired as well.
My challenges, and more importantly, the love I have for my kiddos is driving me (by the grace of God) to seek relief that’s not found in Texas. Any input will help. It will take too long to to grow 6 strains at a time. Plus my kids don’t need to live in Cheech & Chong world. I just want to see if it works? It’s been since highschool, class of 86,’ that I’ve toked, and I smoked a lot then and loved it.
Hope this post isn’t 2 personal, needy, or psycho sounding? I’m almost afraid to re-read it. God Bless


Thats a relief. I want normal potency and a week to a month of doing one type to narrow best down medical help. I need sleep, energy, pain relief, or muscle spasm help. If I can find any relief for those? I’ll do all I can to legalize in Texas. When I was looking for legal way to try weed the most responses asked for a money contribution.
I’ll start with my doctors and spread the truth there. It would be awful to leave Texas for this. It’s not just me I’m responsible for.


Thank you, I have bberry, skunk. No lights, and amsomnia Growing. Is butter and oil found at ILGM? Please update me on your new crop. Your info gives me hope, thx