Lighting question for veg and bloom

I have the bestva 1000w led and i read somewhere that with autoflowers i can use veg and bloom for the whole life cycle since there are no flower ques from light…is this correct?

That’s kinda combining two separate principles of lighting; spectrum and photoperiod. With a 185w (lights + fans) LED, I’d probably give it full output after the seedling stage.

Yes, you can run it full spectrum start to finish. That’s not really tied to autoflowering or photoperiod traits


Just so you know, that light only draws 185w max. How large of an area are you trying to cover and how many plants?,?

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3 -4 plants i would guess. All autoflower two in soil one in dwc the are is 2’ wide by 6’ long and 7’ high. Also not entirely sure if thatlight will work from what i read in reviews i seen it was good for a small grow. Although im not entirely sure this is my first attempt.

That light is not enough for your plant’s it will be weak light and airy buds not good quality for the finished product. 2 thing’s to not be cheap on is lights and ph meter if going to stay led check out the diy light thread on here and saves you alot of money and get the results you want


I wouldn’t dismay, and it’s not your fault that the amazon import lights all mislead buyers by overstating their draw. They shouldn’t be able to call it a 1000 watt light, full stop.

You should look into the 135w HLG lights, or the 260 if you can afford it. I know you have issues right now with circuit capacity.


@TegrityAl I have my Bestva 2000 reflector on full spectrum and my sunraise 1000 as a side light. The sunraise is on the blue veg switch. The plants are loving it but from experience I know that it will probably only be good enough light for veg. Check out set up below.

QUESTION! Should I run my side led at full spectrum as well or should I keep that on the blue veg spectrum?

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Turning both on will give you more light, and the added red should help lengthen the space between stems. If they seem to be staying too bushy with more light, you can raise the light some to help. But the main thing is to watch the plants. They will tell you if the light is too intense for them by cupping or canoeing their leaves. To help remember their language, I think of it like they’re trying to catch more rain to cool off.


Price is not a problem amazon was very misleading that was the problem. I would like to stay led though so i just got a 3000 watt led to go with the 1000 watt led. Fingers crossed hoping im getting closer to amount of light needed.