Lighting question for Gold Leaf fem

From a fellow grower: Am growing Gold Leaf,

Was going to ask about lighting change when going from veg stage to flowering stage

The first 4 weeks I ran 6 hours off, 18 hours on, then changed to 12hrs on and 12hrs off.

Three weeks into flowering stage and not a sign of buds if I am not doing this right, please let me know thanks

Check your Light timers are set right and grow space for any source of light, or light leaks . Anyone one of those will keep a photo period plant from flowering

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That’s elementary my dear @Watt-Sun


I agree, check for light leaks first. If you’re setup correctly, I would wonder what kind of light intensity you have. Reasonable chance that plant wasn’t developed enough to start flowering yet.


I would have to agree with @dbrn32. Plant may not have been mature enough yet to flower. Are these photos or autos


Yup, if the plant was not yet old enough to show its sex, it likely isnt ready to flower.