Lighting question for a 4 x 8 tent but the real point is stealth trimming


So I was originally going to get a 5 x 5 tent but when I researched on stealth trimming almost all feedback is it’s gonna stink up the house. So I thought of this solution. What if I get a 4 x 8 tent then just light up half of it and grow on just one side. So I would have space on the other half of the tent to do some trimming with 0 scent.

My questions are

Is it ok to just light one side of a tent and place plants on just one side or does a tent need to be packed with lights in regards to efficiency and the plants getting more par and lumens?

Will I fit in one half of this tent to do trimming when the time comes or do I need an 8x8?


I have a 4x8x6.5. When I actually set it up it was huge and 2 big for my grow area, I try to keep it stealthy as possible even though it’s legal. You should fit inside there no problem though as long as you don’t grow to many plants. I imagine training you’re plant could help with size too.
As for using one side, well I don’t see why you couldn’t do that as long as you’re plant gets full light coverage. I would do it if I could, but this is just my opinion. I am using a 3x3 right now and I plan on trimming inside of it when the time comes. @MarianoGomes


what how are you gonna fit in a 3x3??? How many plants and how big are your pots? Veg time? The reason I’m gonna get a 4x8 is just for the trimming part… but if I can just get a 4x4 or 5x5 and trim in that I can go smaller.


I’m going to be removing one of those and call me crazy but I know I’ll be able to trim in here :laughing: it might be a tight squeeze but I will do it. I have 5 gallon storage buckets in dwc. I’m in week 5 of veg and I have FIMd once so far. @MarianoGomes @Wishingilivedina420state


Really depends on how much trimming you plan to do and when. If you harvest your whole grow at same time even a 4x4 will be plenty.

But it sounds like potentially bigger issue. Just opening your tent in flower will usually put off some pretty good odor. Trimming will be more, but if you’re worried about having to trim inside of your tent, won’t the normal everyday odor be an issue?


how long are you going to veg ?


yeah that’s why I was asking on the other thread if phresh or can can put the scent down to 0. In regards to neighbors smelling it because I live in the city in a crowded area not an apartment but houses side by side. I figured trimming inside the tent would cut down on the scent a whole lot.


I’m sure it will. You also ha that dry I’m a tent then too correct? You’ll have a hard time drying and growing in the same space. So wouldn’t it make sense to just grow, trim, dry all in the same space? In which case if you only plan on growing in a 4x4 area, you could do it all in the same 4x4 area?

You can obviously do however you please, I’m just looking at what makes the most sense from my perspective.


@dbrn32 was planning on getting 2 tents a 4x4 for drying and the 4x8 for flowering vegging and trimming. So I can continuously plant autos in the 4x8. Trim in the 4x8 and put the stuff in air tight totes after trimming then transferring into the 4x4 for drying


@dbrn32 Or can I dry in the 4x8 as long as the buds are hanging on the side without lights?


If you can also maintain proper temp and humidity. 60-70% rh is pretty high for drying.


I’m late to the conversation here. I’m a beginner and we had a cold winter so I didn’t start thinking about growing until now (the grow tent would be in the basement and smell isn’t a problem; the others I live with are cool with me growing).
My questions: 1) how big of a grow tent do I need for four plants? At least one would be transplanted into our backyard. I’m growing a predominantly indica strain and from what I understand they grow laterally. 2) How many lights would I need for four plants and what kind of wattage? I’d make use of ILGM’s beginner’s guide but after taking my meds for pain I’m dopey and forgetful so I reckoned the forum would be the best place for finding out how to start the indoor growing process.


4 plants you cam use a 4x4 tent it will be tight in there tho
I would do 3 in my 4x4 tent
You can also but panda plastic and build your own space in basement? Just a idea :bulb:
@MarianoGomes with out a divider of some sort youll still get light on both sides of the tent regardless but tou idea can work
Infact ive seen some larger tents that have a wall to section off the tent into separate spaces
Youd have to look into that Tho


Okay, here’s what I plan to do. I’ll start with four plants in the tent and after about four weeks, move the other one to our backyard. Where we live it’s cool but not cold in late March and April. Or I could continue growing the other one in my spare bedroom until I know it’s safe to transplant it outside.
But what about the lights? How many would I need for the three plants I would grow inside? In the other forums, I saw that it takes about 6-8 weeks before you can harvest the plants. But I see different opinions about what kind of watts you need for growing good pot.
Btw: the name of the variety is Super Skunk. I would’ve told you earlier but a house mate sleeps in the living room and I didn’t want to wake her.
I’ll check back later in the afternoon. It’s time for my first dose of neuropathy pain pills. I can’t eat without them, but I hate the side effects. That’s why I want to grow my own pot. I tried some from a friend and it’s great for controlling pain. Thanks for the replies, tho.


I have a super skunk going as well
As far as putting plants outdoors you need ro make sure theres at least 14 hours of daylight before you do
And you want higher cdb strains fir medical use
Making edibles is a good way to get your dosages more consistent
Decarboxilate your bud first that will release more of the cdbs as well :+1:
There are a few threads in it here


@MarianoGomes, I think that’s a great idea. I’m not sure you’ll get to 0% smell, but it’ll be close. I can easily fit into my 2’x2’ tent if I wanted to, so a 4’x8’ should be no problem, of course, it depends on how big you are. :wink: Make sure you get a tent you can close from the inside.


@potforpaincontrol i just realized this is another members thread can you start your own or tag me into your if you already have one
Sorry @MarianoGomes my bad :hugs:


The basics for lighting depends on the light you are using for normal hps and cheap china burple leds like mars it’s a minimum of 50 watts per SQ FT so a 4 x 4 is 16 sq ft. 16 times 50 is 800 watts this would be optimal to grow them to their full yield potential. Another tip for burple china leds they don’t list true watts you need to find out the real watts they draw from the wall the usuall watts they list is the watts of the bulb they think the led can replace IE HPS. BUTT if you are planning on getting high quality LEDS like cree cobs or samsung diode quantum boards it is only 35 watts per sq ft. Since these lights are more efficient and just produce the the type of light the plant really needs.


@raustin I already have a plan for zipping it from the inside I will tie a string to the zipper so I can pull it up lol. They call this trim jail in roll it up forum. haha


I’m cool with other convos going in my thread I am a noob I can learn from it as well go ahead guys. @Countryboyjvd1971 @potforpaincontrol