Lighting question, critical purple autoflower

I’m starting to wonder if I have strong enough light, I got them this far with a philzon 600w led actual power 100 w+ 3% at about 18-20 inches, they were 5 weeks old from sprouting yesterday, no pistils, 18/6 cycle, question is I also have a 300w led output 300 w actual power would adding this light help at this point or would I be wasting electricity, this my 1st grow so not really interested in yields just getting them to finish, thanks for the advice

My bad 300w actual power is 120w

Add it, 220w will be better than 100w

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(pic in regular light)


Pretty wild that advertised 600w light actually draws 100w. Imagine a car company advertising a car at 600hp when it only has 100hp. They wouldn’t make it long.


The plants look great. More light isn’t gonna hurt them at all. Quite the opposite. Especially when you switch to flower.


Thanx for the advice

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I would do that as well. Just about all of those lights available on ebay and amazon over promise and under deliver.


Thanks for advice

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If your not worried about much and just want them to finish then here’s a pic of mine under 2 philzon 600w led lights in a 4x2 tent during week 9 of flower

However i am piecing together items for a light build i have 4 qb boards and all the wiring and aluminum for the frame just waiting on some funds to grab the driver hoping for an increase in yield on my next run starting that in about 2 and 1/2 weeks

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And i got off topic real quick but let them veg under the philzon for now and introduce the other light a few weeks before flower that way your not running an extra 300 watts

Thanks, u wouldn’t have a guess, how long b4 they flower yesterday was the 5th week, thanx again

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Search my thread (first time using grow tent) started from seed on there

One of the things about autos, like a box of chocolates ya never know what your going to get. Personally I have had them flower in 2 1/2 weeks and one 7 weeks and I felt if I change to 12 and 12 it might kick her into flower. Time or light? It worked for me. Luckily for me I had two photos were ready for turn…

@Bobbydigital I agree…they know it really isn’t 600w. The brand I went with did say the actual power draw. But I didn’t know is you need 50w per square foot. I do now and glad for it. This is the Viparspectra PAR 600w grow light.