Lighting Q? 2 600 watt or 1 1200 watt LED light

Hi girls and boys,
So, I harvested my 4 White Widow bitches and I got a solid 1.5 oz.
I was hoping for more but my buds never seemed to take off.
The grow light I had was 1000 watts and for all stages of plant life.
It had a 120 day guarantee so I sent it back. I am going to go with 1200 watt light with a switch for the flower stage. My tent is 2’ X 4’ X 6’
Now my Q is would I be better off with 2 600 watt lights or just one 1200 watt light.
I plan to grow 4 more White Widow plants again and I am hoping for a bigger yield.

If it was me I would DIY 2 600s. That way you have a little versatility and by doing the DIY your getting more light for your bucks! But that’s just me…

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Regardless of what light, 2 units allows you more flexibility. You can have 1/2 the room further along/taller which would allow staggered harvests.


The problem was probably twofold, assuming you had an LED light:
It was probably not actually a 1000 watt light.
It was probably a blurple LED light. They work decent during the vegetative state, but not so much during flowering.

Can you tell us the make and model?

Note: You might run into those same two issues with the lights you are considering now, so you might want to tell us what new make/model you are considering.

For a 2x4 tent, an HLG 260W QB V2 kit would work well.


If heat is not an issue, I would get a 315w cmh 3000k. Cost same as those 2x 600w LEDs. I’ve grown white widow auto with both. I just harvested over 10oz off one wwa in a 20"x36" tent. Also only grow 2 plants in that size tent


Thank you for the replies.
I tend to agree that 2 are better then 1. My last plants deff grew in different heights and I was constantly moving them.
Yes my last light was a LED. Not sure of the make/model but it was sent back already.
Below is an Amazon link to the lights I am thinking of getting.

I’m using two of these on veg stage:
Phlizon Newest 600W LED Plant Grow Light, with Adjustable Rope,Full Spectrum Double Switch Plant Light for Indoor Plants Veg and Flower- 600W(10W LEDs 60Pcs).
I’ve never used LED lights before. Interested in turn out…Good Luck!

I just looked up those lights. They probably only pull about 100w from the wall and to light that tent up the way it needs to be, you would need 4 of them

Check out @dbrn32 post on DIY leds you will be very impressed!

WARNING AND ADDICTED! I wanna build lights just to do it! Lol


If you’re looking to pack your tent full of nice buds you’ll want a little more light.

I had to dig to find it, but you were right on the number. That is a 100 watt light.

Thanks! Very informative.

Amazing, I was going to ask the exact same question right down to the tent size. This will be my first tent grow. I just bought a 2X4X6 tent. I haven’t set it up yet, but I was wondering about how much light I would need. I just purchased a Roleadro 1200W Full Spectrum Grow Light. Now that I’m seeing these comments, I am wondering if it actually puts out a legitimate 1200 watts of light. I’m starting out with two plants for the first tent grow. I have some auto flower seeds purchased here (AK-47). I also have another 300W light I could add to the tent. Is there an issue with having two different powers of lamps, or is it simply what I’m seeing here, lights, lights, lights?

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That is a 252 watt light.

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Also, a watt is a unit of power not light output. To measure light you would need either luminous flux or radiometric flux. Radiometric flux would be the proper measure for horticulture applications.

1 1200w


    September 2

I just purchased a Roleadro 1200W Full Spectrum Grow Light. Now that I’m seeing these comments, I am wondering if it actually puts out a legitimate 1200 watts of light.

That is a 252 watt light.

Ok, I’m obviously not a lighting guy. Watts are the way I have always heard light bulbs described. Luminous flux and radiometric flux are a great couple of words when you put them together. Thanks for that information. Getting back to my question, I wonder if a 1200 watt light is sufficient?

Its probably a little small. But that’s really in eye of the beholder. Run a grow or two and see how you do. It may be plenty for what you’re trying to accomplish.

What about adding the extra 300w light?

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“That is 252 watt light”

Really? How can you determine that? Not questioning your knowledge, just curious to know.