Lighting problem

Hello, novice grower here- this is my 3rd grow.

I am currently about two weeks into bloom, using 600 watt HPS lights. I woke up this morning to find that my lights had not turned on. I found out that my lighting system is faulty. I was able to get it to turn on using my MH lights, but only after plugging and replugging my lighting system into the electric outlet. I did this because I reasoned that having lights, even if it is a different quality, and better than having no lights. I ordered a new system online, and it should arrive here on the 29th. My question is, will this screw up my grow because I was using HPS lights previously, and will plan to switch back to HPS once my new lighting system comes in?


No you are completely fine… But if I were you I would make sure the electrical outlet is in good working order and not all loose from old age… Are you might end up with the same problem…


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@ILGM_Support .Good catch Boss :wink:
Hammer .