Lighting problem plz help

I need help! Please help me I have 2 1000w gixxer full spectrum lights. Also I am going into week 5 of veg can someone please tell me how far my lights should be away from the plants???!!! Thank you in advance love ya

Man I looked at that light and can’t find any manufacturer’s recommendations. In veg my best guess would be 16 to 24 inches away. In flower I would say under 16. Your plant will let you know if it is to close, the leaves will taco shell or the baby new growth will twist up some and even bleach. As long as you dont have that going on and your plant is not overly stretching you should be good. Some more details would help. Like number of plants, size of grow area.

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FYI, those lights are actually only 110 watts, so you are very unlikely to cause any light burn unless you put them about 2 inches away from your plants. I would put them 14-16 inches away during the vegetative state and 12 during flower. Each fixture should be able to produce enough light for one plant.