Lighting Plans for new build

Electricity is relativily inexpensive here , plus you can get a commercial rate. Still getting these numbers together and will share when done.

Each table was 2.4m x 1.2. I used 4L square containers with a coarse coco mix i made myself, similar to clay ball size but coco. I top feed for two weeks to get the plants etablisehd then used flood and drain which was the reason for a very coarse medium. This performed really well and produced 1gm per watt using hps 600 indoor sun buldsx3.

Back to the question, each table needs approx 100 clones.= 600 clonesfor a 16 length,x 5 = 3000 clones. Can be done, but need good mothers etc… I actually like it.

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Is growing cannabis legal in New Zealand?

Presently can grow fro research and development. Recreational is illegal and don’t see that changing although there is a referendum at this yrs election on 17 sep 20


Mind if we ask what the research market rate is per gram?

sorry , don’t understand the question.

How much can you sell the flowers for if it’s only for research?

You can’t…

Can you at least place a valuation on the crop to write it off as a loss? Or are you only able to write off the cost of your inputs? I have no idea how NZ taxes work. In the US, you’d be able to deduct the amortized cost of the lights and other equipment over their life expectancy.

So you’re trying to set up an efficient operation in hopes of legalization sometime around 2021?

Have done some research on the HLG 550s. They look to perform well. Here’ s the issue cost per sq/m is 500% higher than using a blend of HPS/CMH. The other issue is with the medium, All good in summer, however in winter heating is needed and you need to recalibrate the fertilizer problem to accommodate different soil temp and plant usage where as if just using HPSCMH blend of lighting you don’t have those issues in winter.

Thats a great question and will ask the accountant this afternoon.