Lighting overkill?

I want to put 2 600 watt led lights in a 4x4x8 tent is that too much light Not worried about heat .

One of my local grow buddies is using 3-600w Galaxy hydro leds in a space a bit bigger than yours and has had good results
He is currently on a run of white widows

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That will be perfect… I guess… You need 35-50w per square foot so let’s say that your light pull around 200 real watts from the wall and you will have 400w totally.
What brand are you using?

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You need to find the true wattage of your lights, (Watts thats pulled out of the wall). Then you want between 35 to 50 watts per square foot. So for your space you have 16sqf so you need 525 to 800 watts for that size space.


Im using viparspectra and 276 watts power draw . I’m not sure if its cool to post product names if not just let me know and ill take it down.

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It’s fine no worries about that… You can also put Amazon links if you wanted…
So will be 552w if my mathematic is still available :joy:… And I think you are good for start… I guess you will not get a really full tent but 3/4 will be great for those lights :traffic_light:

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I hope that’s okay because I have 710 true watts right now in mine. :o

It definitely won’t be too much. More flirting with not enough, but I think you can do pretty good with that.

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I just got my grow tent up and running. The temperature monitor is reading 95 degress, but it doesn’t feel that hot. My light source is probably radiantly heating the meter. Should I shield the meter to make sure I am getting an accurate temperature, just like putting your outside thermometer in the shade?

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Put in a 1,000w MH! Just kidding!

You keep your thermometer at canopy level right? Assuming it’s accurate, whatever is hitting the thermometer is hitting your plants.

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What do you have going on in terms of air flow (intake, exhaust, and air movement inside the tent)? And what is the ambient temperature in the room the tent is in?

Hi, I have a 400 watt light, a single 6-inch vent fan venting outward. The port at the bottom of the tent is open and unobstructed. I moved the light up to the top of the tent. still about 88 degrees. The room is about 74. When I go into the tent it doesn’t actually feel that hot. I plan to put my thermometer in an enclosure to simulate shade to get a more accurate reading. I think the bulb has a lot of radiant heat, like the sun, which is giving me a false reading.

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