Lighting mistake... what happens now?

I made a mistake as I was not thoroughly knowledgeable on my lighting controller. I thought I had it set for 18:6 of course and switched it then to 12:12 as the pre-flowers emerged. As it turns out, in hindsight, now I realize I have had them on 16:8 the entire time… (two screens to change; light levels set at the settings for the previous trial of ag plants by someone other than myself)… from seeding to flowering. What have I messed up? I believe I will now have taller plants and delayed maturity, anything else? Plants were seeded November 1, so are at day 72 right now. Aside from that they are looking healthy and bud clusters are forming. Thanks in advance.

are these photoperiod plants or auto flower?

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I was told by the breeder that there are some autoflower genetics in the strain. The seeds seemed to segregate out and most of the plants appear normal (taller, later to start); but there were some shorter atutoflowers in the lot. The auto flower plants are dwarf and have full bud on them, the majority that are later appear more like a non-auto type. If that helps at all.

Autos will be just fine at 16:8 ,if the others are photos depending on plant height you may want to do some some training to bring them down before flipping to 12:12 but other than that you should be fine


What medium are you growing in?

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If there autos you will be fine.


Peat/perlite blend at 3:1

Autos don’t care about the light cycle from a flowering perspective. Ensure you are hitting DLI requirements and you will be fine.


I’m not sure of all the variables but I know if I veg a photo for 72 days I’ll have transplanted a couple times to larger pots especially right before flower to avoid getting root bound so you may want to check out your root zone. Or just pay attention to if your drying back really fast