Lighting - LED with UVB Add on?

I could use some help with lighting. With a lot of things actually but today lighting. I have a 4x4 tent with a California Lightworks 550 LED. I added a UVB companion light and frankly my question is really when should I introduce it? Some sources indicate it should be introduced late to finish flowering and I’ve also heard 'turn it on right away and run it the entire grow." I’m using the light spectrum adjustments per the mfg. recommendations as best I can also, Emphasizing blue and white at full power with red only at 50% for example at the onset. Any help appreciated, my trial and error method might take a while.:
I’m a newbie here and with the garden. If its a silly question I won’t be surprised.

Hey welcome to the forum a light guy should be along @dbrn32

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Thanks Wicked. Any advantage to introducing it at all or should I just skip it? It runs on a separate timer so its easier enough to exclude and wasn’t super expensive.

Thank’s. I thought the theory was the UVB light helped the plant pile on trichomes as a defense mechanism but as I noted this is all pretty new. I will stop stressing about it.

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UVB is a Lightworks Solarsystem.

Of course there is… Sounds like trial and error perhaps. One final question if you will humor me. You seem to know the 550, good light, bad light, in between? It’s doing the job but I’m clearly looking to improve the lighting if I can. Any thoughts?

Thank you Wicked by the way. I’ve been searching around for any information that might be helpful to no avail for a bit now. This is awesome info.

What does California lightworks suggest about running it? That’s probably what I would go with anyway. I’m not sure about the intensity of the uv bulb that’s included. Some of them are pretty weak and can be run all the time. Others are really strong and are usually run for short periods during lights on.

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@dbrn32 Cali Lightworks says 2-3 weeks at end of flower, simply that pretty much. I flipped it on most of the run last time and it seemed to help. However, it could have been any number of other variables and I was curious if anyone had any feedback or experience with it. Will keep fooling with it and stop stressing about it. Thanks for the help.

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