Lighting issue and question about re-potting

Question from a fellow grower: I have a hydroponics grow box that is 3feet tall,10inchesdeep, and 16inches wide I am no longer using it as a hydroponics instead I’m using it as a grow box with a tray of topsoil I am using the lights and the fans. I keep the lights on 24/7 how long should I keep the lights on I only have one plant that is 5inches tall and it is growing out of top soil my question is should I take it out of the top soil and put it in potting soil and how long should I keep the lights on. it’s in a tray that is 13inches long, 71/2 inches wide, 4 1/2 inches deep should I put it in a pot and what size should it be and how many pots can I put in the box im thinking 2 pots