Lighting Information (PAR, PPFD, umol/s, DIL)

I would like to hear others opinion on this subject matter:
I have a 5x5x8 tent
Lights:HLG 600 Rspec and 2 HLG 100 3000K
AC Infinity T6 fan for exhaust
400 CFM fan w/controller as my intake
1 oscillating 16" fan
8" fan for bottom air flow

my question is I need to know the different reading (PAR, PPFD, umol/s, DIL) for each stage
I ask this is because I got this new light when they was 1st in flower and I underestimated it and I think I did something to them at that time.
this is them 83 days from seed
information is much needed…PAR, PPFD, umol/s, DIL
1 IMG_2116

IMG_2125 IMG_2126


Here is the DLI map. To calculate your DLI:

PPFD x (3600 x your light hours) / 1,000,000 = DLI.

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I did 20/4 on this grow, going back to 18/6 on the next grow
thank you

They look really good! With those lights you definitely don’t need 20/4 hours. Just a bunch of wasted light that the plants can’t process.

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yeah… this is what I was thinking I looked over at the and theres a site that you just adds all the numbers up,I suck in math I have dyscalculia had it as a child and did not know i had it…back to the numbers I was in the high end of 800

800 is where you want to be in flower for 12 hrs. 700 for 18 hrs in veg.

20 hrs is 600 were I should be at???

For veg that’s fine. Too much for flower. That’s a DLI of 43