Lighting in the cannabis tent where should my dial be on


Welcome to the neighborhood. I’m not sure what you are asking. That is a massive plant. The best way to dial in your light is to get the Photone app on your phone. Then you can go by this chart as to where your DLI should be. :blush::v:


Nice looking plant and welcome to the forum. If you have a aversion to cell phones like I do you can use the lights PPFD map (assuming an accurate map is published).
You want to have and avg. PPFD of 700 - 1000 over the footprint of the grow space.
A PPFD of 700 for 18 hours yields a DLI of 45
A PPFD of 1000 for 12 hours yields a DLI of 43.2 (1000 X 12 X .0036)


I am with @beardless in regards to the cellphone thing…

I use a quantum meter…along with the DLI chart… It’s the most accurate.

This is what I use.

Dr.meter LX1330B Digital Illuminance Light Meter, 0-200,000 Measurement Range Lux Meter

Light measurements should be taken with the tent closed as much as possible to get a truer measurement. I measured a 10K difference with the tent closed.


I personally prefer the quantum sensor… Gives me par reading in uMols… No conversions necessary… Easier for me. Check it adjust and move on.

I would prefer an apogee quantum meter… But who can afford it?

Love the chart… Been using the old one without the uMols listed.

Photone app does not work on my phone damn bloody thing

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I havnt really looked at it too close. I use photone app with android tablet and follow dli chart as a minimum to make sure plants are not getting less than they can use but more is better as long as the plants arent complaining about the heat canoeing etc. Run them as bright as possible as long as the back of your hand at canopy level doesnt feel heated.

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I agree with @Allinherhead use the back of your hand to test heat. Your competing against the sun so your plants can take the intensity, just not the heat. They will also tell you if the light is too far away by seeing leaves reach for the light. Too close, they can develop white tops on the colas that wont have any thc in them.


welcome to the community

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Welcome to the community :v:

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