Lighting in flower stage

Once flowering, can I increase the light duration from 12/12 to say 16/8 or will this cause the plant to go back to the Veg stage?


Welcome ! Most people veg under 18/6 then flip to 12/12 to encourage flowering. Yes you could cause the plant to reveg.


What’s the cultivar?

What’s a cultivar?

Aka strain. Also, what seedbank?

Feminized Super Lemon Haze

Okay. Just confirming that your plant isn’t an autoflower.

Kellydans put it correctly, but to be clear, you do not want to increase the day period beyond 12/12

If you do, it will cause your plant to stop flowering at best, and at worst it will cause the plant to stress out.

Some growers will harvest almost all of a plant, but leave a few leaves and some main stalk. Then they put the plant back on a vegetative light cycle until it grows enough to flower or clone. I’d only do this as an experiment or if the plant was interesting and I lacked clones.

Thanks, that’s what I suspected. You should have just asked if the plant was autoflower.

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Well, some people aren’t used to the term autoflower, but they usually know what cultivar they bought.