Lighting in 5x5 grow room

Im looking in to adding more light to my room i have a 5x5 room and 600 watt hps and i was wandering if anyone has add t8 to there room and if it would be good to add them to my room i no t5 would work better with my set up right now i average 12 oz off 6 plants and im looking for just a little more any info would be much appreciated thank u

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Those T8’s will add light but not a whole lot. You frankly need to double your lighting and I would suggest another 600 watt MH/HPS fixture would do that nicely.

I run high end LED’s and can get away with lower wattages with big yields but you need to be in the 50 watts per square foot area with that lighting. 1,200 watts from the plug will help a bunch.

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Thats what i was thanking i was hopping not to buy another hps to save on electric bill but i might just get one i no that would do what i wanted it to do thanks

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Unfortunately you simply can’t grow weed in inadequate lighting. If you want to save money on your electric bill you should invest in LED’s. NOT the blurples found on Amazon but late model high efficacy lights. HLG is the premier lighting source and with them you can run around 25 or 30 watts per square foot.

I run around 200 watts per plant and in my last 3 plant grow I harvested 15 grams shy of 2 pounds of flower. With the same amount of power you are currently using.

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Thank u im going to look in to it

HLG lights is like this. Crappy light on Amazon is a Ford Fiesta. HLG light is a Saleen. Your plants will love you for it. Sure the cost is up front, but 1 plant will pay for the lights.

I had to drive about 2200 miles to get decent weed. Did this trip 3 times. Ugh.

Thanks man after looking in to it i thank it would be in my best interest to just go ahead and buy an hlg light theres a lot of good reviews on it and it will do what i want