Lighting help please


I have ten square feet of grow space.So far I have 1 led light thats 600 watts full spectrum with 200 to 240 watts of real pull. My question is how much cfl lighting do I need to add? And do cfls actually block the led light because they need to be closer? Planning on growing 4 white widow auto flowers.


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I’ve been using 2 x 600 full spectrum LEDs without any other light sources. Works just fine :laughing:


Your looking for 50 watts per square foot so with you having 10 square feet you should have 500 watts actual draw
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Cfl’s will not block LED , they only gone a “blend” .

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so i need to shop me up a real wattage use 300 led to go with my 200…back to hunting amazon i guess lol


If you picked up a second light same as your first you should be close enough on actual watt draw you would have a successful harvest and grow


Hey @Niala, what is a good "Starting " light for plants up to 4 week grow (start) before I move them outdoors, for the rest of their grow. I start 6 plants at a time in 6 inch pots.


For me it’s all the way from sprouting to harvest with LED’S , it’s gone a give your new one a first taste off what’s coming with a real spectrum light , just remember that you’ll need to keep the light at the recommand distance, for a LED lights between 600 and 1000 watts it’s 3 feet :wink::innocent: For how much watts you need it really depend on the space you have !?:wink:


I’m just looking at lights to Start my plants, I have 36 inch (3Ft.) CFLs now , I was just looking into LEDs for starting plants for the first 4-5 weeks, grow space is 2 ft by 3 ft area… I’m not looking for $250 lights yet but something a bit cheaper, any suggestions?


This one is a good choice since it have veg/Bloom buttons


@Oldstoner (meizhi)


Here’s another one


Thanks I’m looking into a few lights now !!


And of course


I have a aimike high-efficiency full spectrum 192 W cob it was 39$ with a half off discount code but it works really great very intense


I got 2 of these for 109 each they are a 450 w reflector veg bloom switch they run pretty quiet and the heat is not bad . These plants are under them now and only on grow lighting these plants are shorter and fat with under growth like my last grow . I’m thinking that means that the light penetration through the canopy is pretty good with these but this is only my 2nd grow I see some people trim and some say never trim green so maybe this is just in need of a pruning


I got really lucky on ebay a couple months ago… I got a meizhi 900 for 189.00 shipped on ebay… I checked back the other day and it went up to 199…still a good. deal… and it draws about 418w actual draw…


Mine only draw 195 but they are great for my 3 x 3 tent and I have a spare 450 true watts worth of leds and cfls but when I tried to add more the girls started to squint so I had to back off on the lights


lol I know the feeling Oldstoner… I can walk out to my shop at night unassisted… then after a few mins with my plant, I need to use the flashlight on my phone to make sure I don’t trip up at night on the path back to my house… leds can really blind you temporarily


All the little spots after the first time I tended the grow had me investing in a good pair of UV sunglasses for when I unzip my tent . I got lucky I just set up in my basement but still my glasses are on the top and I never open up without them . But when I tried to add my last light this time the girls started to wrinkle and the leafs were just starting to taco shell so I turned it off and they are fine