Lighting help new grower

Hi first time posting and new to indoor grow I have a 3x3x6 tent have a bestva elite 2000w that I’m using now thoughts on this please

Can you post an Amazon link to it?

This light says it pull 400 watts from wall so not a 2000w light. Having said that it should do fine in your 3x3 tent. My Hydroplanet T5 pulls 408 watts from the wall to power 8 4’ bulbs.

Most folks who have lights which have a veg and flower switch run both for flower.

On the watt meter it pulls 380 and yes I have both on thanks


Sounds like a powerful light I’ve only 1000 watt LED and I’m doing alright with it

The main problem you will have with this light is coverage. You are going to have to raise it pretty high to get an even distribution over that space so plan on short plants.

I also have a 315cmh do u think I’m better off with that?

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It wouldn’t hurt. If you can manage it and you are trying to fill your grow space I would deploy it during flower when plants need light most.

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