Lighting has me fried

Hey y’all. First post. Flame if you must, I understand.

Getting ready to purchase what I need for my first grow. I have the seeds and tent narrowed down (White Widow AF, and 3x3 tent), but lighting has me baffled. I thought I was going to go with a $100 amazon LED, until I read that they’re called Blurple lights. And I can’t have that in my life. So, here I am. I thought I read a ton about lighting and had it figured out, but now everything just mashes together.

The goal is to grow 2-3 plants at a time. I do not smoke a lot, and that will produce WAAYYY more than I need for awhile. Ideally, I would prefer 1 light to do both the vegetative and the flower stage. But I can be talked in to something else if need be. I thought I was spending $100 on a light, but it looks like that’s a no go. I would love not to spend a ton, especially considering that I am not going to grow a lot at one time. I follow a lot of links to HLG lights, but no idea what to look for and don’t want overkill. Then I was going to just buy the light on A Pot for Pot, but didn’t think it would be enough.

So what say you? I would love some suggestions. I am a member of a TON of forums, and understand that I need to look for answers before posting a topic. But this one has my head spinning (could be the flower I had too). More info and it just all clashes together. So I assure you, I researched and am just stuck now. Your help is appreciated.



You dodged a major bullet.


We try to avoid that here. Those spouting disrespect don’t last long around here.

An HLG 260 XL Rspec can do 2 plants, but 3 plants would be really pushing it. Good lighting is probably the singe most important factor for producing quality buds, so it’s a good thing that burples aren’t on your shopping list.

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Never seen a flame :fire: here except when people talking about fire weed

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Amen, Growmie!

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For a 3x3, the HLG 260watt diy kit or the 300 RSpec is my preference.

… I just looked at a few dozen lights online. I still think the HLG is the best bang for you buck.

Other good 3x3 options: Rapid LED, also AC infinity will be releasing a light soon.

Check out the Migro YouTube channel to fall further down the lighting rabbit hole.


2, 300 L rspecs in a 3x3 that’s what I use very nice results ,or maybe 1, 650 ? Probably more than needed tho


Hlg is having sale until end of month use dude code extra 10% off xl260 kits like $ 280 delivered very good price :+1:


I run timber grow lights


The XL’s might be too big. Check the dimensions.

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I see a lot of good info here, and it’s great that you did some homework and asked prior to purchasing $100 Amazon light.

There are quite a few good options out there for 3x3 that can run seed to harvest. Horticulture lighting group qb 260 kit will do good job for you, and is pretty good value for performance at its price point, you would just have to assemble it. They also sell hlg-300 that is already assembled for a little more money. Chilled tech has x3 mini that is a little smaller than lights above, but would certainly do what you’re asking. The others that come to mind would probably be spending more than you need to to attain your goals.


@jlb, h ty ou don’t have to get a burple, I have 4 lights all from Amazon. If that helps you.

It veg these plants for 9/10 weeks!

4 Clones bought in late feb, curing little over 2 lbs from 5 plants as of today. Sour Tangie just finished omg :fire:

[Uploading: 9ACD91C9-4D1F-456D-AE60-C194EEB976F7.jpeg…]


That’s some beautiful bud👌

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I have 2 HLG 320xl’s , they are fantastic lights. I’ve been using one at a time in my 4x4 or 5x5 tents. Its is more than enough light for me to fill a tent up with 1 plant.

You’d probably do fine in a 3x3 with the HLG 260, as suggested above. Best to spend the money on the most important part of the setup!


I have 3x3x6 and an hlg300L and it lights it up like God himself is in there tending my girls


Alright guys. Looking like I am going with one of the HGL lights. Probably going with the HLG 260 XL Rspec. Hopefully buying tonight. @OldSkool, what are the lights you have?


@jlb, ty for the tag, yes the lights that have work for different stages, I’ve found. Here’s a list of the lights I have. All from Amazon.

Hope this helps you with a decision of what lights will work for your grow. The white light, Meeclueex, whatever the name. Has been my life saver, help grow my medicine since I’m a metal machine. I do not recommend anybody getting metal cage in their back. First Cancer, now a cage! Fk! Aarrgghhh! I still think if you go with white like you can veg them babies for weeks and weeks man and then get one of them other lights like the BP 2500 that’ll more than flower your plants but if you go five or more like me I’d go for a 4000 for sure and you might as well get one with the remote. Lol