Lighting from seed to transplant

Brand new to the group so bear with my need for knowledge. I have 5 autos im going to germinate in the Jiffy pods. I am confused with the different comments on what wattage and how far from the plant the light should be. I plan on transplanting the Jiffy pod with the germinated seed into a pot after it reaches the proper height and keep a light on it until I put it outside into the ground. What wattage and how far above the seedling should the light be?

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Seedlings don’t need a lot of light, and you want to make sure you have enough intensity to keep the stretch down.
What kind of lights do you have? There’s not a one size fits all answer, because every light is different.


Thank you for the welcome. No lights yet, just in the process of setting it up, first time attempting to grow so I have many questions. I get confused with all the different answers, thus the questions. I will need light for 5 seedlings until I transplant outside, so I need to know how high above the seedlings and what wattage I would need. These are Jack Herrer autos.

Is there a particular light that you’re considering?
500 watts from one light, is not equivalent in another. That’s why I’m asking you to be specific.

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Welcome to the community !

Hey kellydans, thanks for taking the time to welcome me in. As far as a particular light I need, there are way to many options out there for someone just getting into it to sort through. I will have 5 seedlings, not in a grow tent, needing artificial light only until I transplant them outside into soil using the sun as a light source. Im not sure what is equivalent to another as I havent had any past experience, I hope im explaining this situation well enough to get an answer.

I too am new to the forum. That is the exact question I was searching for, 4 varieties, 4 seeds.
I will use the paper towel method and transplant into a small biodegradable pot with coco coir and soil.
I will use a heat pad with a plastic tank …BUT the question is…what type of lights, wattage, time and distance until transplanted into a 5 gal. to be placed outdoors?

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I wouldn’t mix coco and soil. You’d do better going fully into either, but they’re different mediums and I don’t often hear about good results when combined.

Are you planning to grow indoors in the future? Or just starting indoors?

Bot saying go head and do it but my whole last grow was ffof and cocoloco mixed and i had awesome results the gorilla glue and mk ultra was the best smoke ive grow so far. Now im in full coco. Im learning coco grows great beautiful plants but will definitely keep the rh up quite a bit

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ok, weve got the medium figured out, what about the lights?

It’s been a few decades since I grew 3 AMAZING ladies. Thought I’d do hydroponics but decided to run some crops outside this summer. The new auto fem strains are intriguing so I’m starting indoors and transplant to outside when appropriate.

So I had a Mars Hydro ts1000 after borrowing some blurples from a friend to try my first time. I bet recently upgraded to an HLG. Higher quality lights require lower watts… lower quality lights require higher watts. Figure out what you want to accomplish… size and quantity of plants… flower indoor ever?

Thanks Aussie 123556, been away from the computer for a couple of days, looks easy enough to do.

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I have used them all for propagation, but now I use 2’ T5;s for all my seedlings. I can place the light 2" from top of canopy and adjust as needed for really nice fat leaves and tight nodal spacing.

If you want LED lamps, there are so many to choose from, so I would ask; "What can you spend on lights? what is your budget?

You can pick up an nice digital HID Ipower listed in the lighting section of the Buyer’s guide for under 200 bucks and they work gteat and have 3 power settings. 50% - 75% - 100%.

Happy growing. :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the input, I am using both coco & soil and I probably screwed myself by doing that, the girls are happy. At least 4 out of 5 are happy, my gorilla glue is struggling.
I adjust tap water with an 8 pH to 6.
The irrigation thanks to the coco is very good.
My room is a 24x48 tent, with a 6" fan with charcoal filter. Also using 2/3 other small fans and an extra exhaust fan.
HERE IS THE QUESTION OF THE DAY…and I’m expecting some gasps.
Being really restricted with cash I’ve tried to do the best I can with what I’ve got…I am running only a 100-watt full-spectrum LED light board 18/6 @ 12 to 18". Coverage is good. I use the LST method since I accidentally used it in my outdoor grow years ago and the branches became plants with a great yield.
Is it crazy to think I can pull the grow off with just this light?
I AM thinking of adding a couple of red bulbs when we get to flower.

Suggestions? Help with where I am now?

I would buy another of the 100 full spectrum light you have and use that all the way. It has been proven that trichome and terpine development is stronger under full spectrum white light.

Assuming that due to your budget, you cannot buy a bigger moew expensive unit. Just get another of what you have and if your plants are happy now, they will be happier when they spread out and you have more of the same light. :slight_smile:

Hope this helps. Let me know what you think.

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Thanks, Roger, it’s under advisement :grinning:
Thoughts on a couple of red spectrums?