Lighting for seedlings


good morning :slight_smile: i am new to growing and it was suggested on my grow lights to get T5 HO lamps - the pgks says T5 HO 54 watt High output lamps - my fixture is 4’ x 2’ and have 8 -4ft bulbs, are these ok or should i be using something else , and what is a safe distance to keep them above the seedlings i appreciate all advice


Please wait for a more experienced grower to respond but this is my initial thought.
Yeah I think that would be great to use. I use 2 2 foot long T5 lights to start my seedlings. I have one of those humidity domes that sits on top of a heating mat when I start my clones or seeds. Those lights you can put them all the way down until they’re about a couple of inches above the sprouts. I would start like 6 in above them maybe to see how they react and make sure it’s not too much light for them?.
Remember that if they are new sprouts just make sure your misting around and on top of the sprouts with pH water, about two times a day if possible. You want to mist them so you don’t overwater them on accident and drowned them. Enjoy your grow! If you have any questions just post them. Like I said some more experienced Growers will come along and answer your post too.


Thank you I appreciate it :slight_smile:


That’s actually enough light for a 2 x 4 tent in flower mode, if you can fit your fixture in there. A lot more than seedlings need. I just use a few CFLs for seedlings.


Anytime. And see what I mean about quality of members and information? @1BigFella stepped in and corrected me where I was wrong/didn’t realize number of lights gives that much juice. I didn’t know that many lights was that powerful enough to use full-time in a tent. I learned something new too. Thanks all. :+1::grin:


A side note I just thought of. With those kind of lights I do not know how close you can get them to seedlings or sprouts because I am not familiar with that kind of light and its strength when in that size and number… please double check with one big fella or wait for more people to respond. Have a good night


Thanks Bigfella

With the CFL lights for the seedings how close should I have them and For the flower stage using the T5 how close should I put them


I highly suggest it! Floro lights emit a blue end spectrum with is prime for seedling/clone/vegetation growth. I’ve started seeds in the sun, under 600w HPS, MH, but without a doubt the healthiest growth is under my T5. I also run (2) 3 foot tubes one soft white and one blue and my babies show noticeable growth overnight, also, ATTENTION to your root zones friend. Plants do their most initial growth(obviously) at this stage, meaning the first initial blast of root growth is reliant on moisture and temps, I let my medium SLIGHTLY touch the dry end so the roots are forced to spread and search for more water, if you over water at any stage you can promote root rot and especially fungus gnats but it’s especially critical to focus on patience st this point. Baby leaves only transpire so much and baby roots only drink so much water. I give my seeds 10ml of water every other day their first week then 25ml of water every other day the 2nd week and usually they will hit their 4th or 5th node by then. Namaste :pray:


I have a 30w led full spectrum light is this enough? Please help.


No, it isn’t.


Thank you Chevyswish, so what you are saying I am over lighting my plants. So instead of 8 - 4ft t5 bulbs I need to only use 2 or 3?

Also how far should I have them from the seedlings


The best seedling stage light , go for it. I use t5ho for the entire grow of my white widow autos as I can get the light extremely close to the tops of the plants, like 2 inches above the tops. No need to use any more than 2 tubes for the seedlings 6500k cool white are best . As they grow add more tubes and if your fixture has 8 tubes I would try to add a 2700k warm white tube or 2 the closer you get to the flip to provide a mixed light spectrum. After the flip remove a 6500k tube every week and replace it with a 2700k tube but leave 2 of the 8 tubes 6500 k throughout the entire grow. The 6500k tubes will help provide a mixed spectrum and also help limit the amount of stretch.Keep your plants short and the light penetration will be more than sufficient to harvest some nice buds.


Excellent summary of growing under T5s, mountainman1. The only thing I can add is sometimes your vendor will not display color temperatures. In that case, “cool white” and “warm white” are good enough.


I’ll testify to the “leaving 6500K in”, I moved one plant from under my led panel to under some 2700k cfl lights, and she went vertical, I now know I need to work in a 6500k led in the middle somehow…

You only learn by mistakes…


I use A FULL SPECTRUM GROW LIGHT. Unlike most other grow lights that come with 1 or 2 different wavelenght ranges, our grow light comes with 15 Red, 7 Blue, 4 White, 1 IR and 1 UV LED elements
INCREASE YOUR YIELDS AND SPEED UP PLANTS’ GROWTH CYCLE. Designed for hydroponics vegetables, herbs, flowers and nearly every other plant due to its full spectrum specification.


So they claim.

How much was it and which make/model?


Amazon led and it was cheap as I’m on a budget.
But still good


thank you , i greatly appreciate all the responses and help