Lighting for one week old seedlings

I used a 32 watt cfl tube the first week. My two babies are stretching for light. Both have four small leaves, i got my grow tent in and put them inside each with their own 40 watt screwin cfl bulb. About eight inches above, I started the seedlings under a 32 watt cfl. Is this to much of a change for them? Humidity at 72, Temp 73, Ph 6.1 I remember seeing a spacing article on here but can’t find it. I’d post a pic but I’m an old fart and just turning on my ipad seems strange to me.


No, the lighting should be fine for them. Eventually though, you might want to invest in some better lighting.


Thanks for the reply. I have a viparspectre 450 coming in next week.


Excellent, that will do the trick. When you get it you should hang it and turn it on above your current CFLs to get the seedlings used to the LED. Keep it about 30" above.


Sounds good. Thanks again.

@raustin 30 inches above the seedlings ? mine are just starting to break the surface. should I put the light higher I have light LED about 10 inches above dome of propagation tray

You’re using only the LED for sprouting seedlings? 10 inches might be a little close. I would move it to 20" and see how they do. If they start to stretch then you can lower the light again.

great for the info @raustin

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Yes that sounds ok for a few weeks but i would invest in an affordable t5 flouresent fixture before they are a month old…i stand strong bye flouresent lighting the whole veg cycle than move to hps