Lighting for my crown royal


Will cobs penetrate the canapé better then strips ? I would want this light to be for flowering only
I would keep my other lights for veg , I would appreciate your help on this please @dbrn32


To an extent, cobs are more focused light. I don’t feel like you would be disappointed either way.

47”x47” rules out using the 1120mm strips. Would probably make the most sense to do something like 2 or 4 separate lights. You could probably make a nice frame for strips out of that aluminum you have.


Maybe just a few inches. I kept mine about 18" during vegg then in flower I lowered it over time to about 12" the 400w is a great vegg light. It’s peak is more blue, around 4000k? It combined with the two 300w 2nd generation ones I got some huge buds


How much area would 4 of the 560 mm strip cover ? @dbrn32 would I still use my other lights

Monster bud nice !!! @HornHead Is the 2nd generation Roleadro better than the blurple Roleadro light ? How big was your tent (3) lights


4 strips, not very much. The strips themselves are about $6.50 each. You would do something like 10 of them on a 150ish watt driver and fame them up to be a complete light. And then make something like 4 of those to do the complete tent.

You could certainly build one and use it with your current lights. If you liked it, you could build more as you go.

Here’s a couple of examples.


I think they’re better. Light is more natural. 3 lights in a 20"x36" tent


Hi, @dbrn32 can you give me a model number for the 560 strips and a driver that will run 10 strips or so and what ever you think I need to go with it
How big of an area will it do for flowering?
please & thanks



What do you s think of this light to add to my flowering tent for side light @HornHead
@dbrn32 $ 4.00 each


It’ll help some but imo I believe you’d be better off getting two cheap Amazon lights


My girls seem to like my new light Roleadro 400w cob the leaves are pointing up under lt


Was looking at 4.00 for 15.5 Watts is ( 3.875w per 1.00 ). 2700k is good for flowering
10 bulbs is $ 40.00 for 155w I can’t buy a cheap led on amazon for that price @HornHead


Get you a roleadro 300w 2nd generation. Think they’re around $60. Or cruise Amazon, see what’s in your budget and I’ll look them up for you. Let you know if good or not


You’re not taking into account the poor efficacy of the lighting. It’s s cheap solution though.

BXEB-L0560Z-30E2000-C-B3 That’s 3000k 560mm gen 2 eb. You didn’t state which color temp you wanted?

Meanwell hlg-120h-c700a will run 10 of those strips. Not the only option though.


No, too many of the LED’s point sideways


I purchase 10 of the bxeb-l0560z-35e2000-c-b3 3500k strip and 1 of hlg-120-c700a driver
My is my aluminum bars are 1/4 thick x6 1/4” wide x25”long
Should there be a space between strips
(. 5 strips per bar ) About 1/4” between strips ?
@dbrn32. What size of a foot print for this light
Thanks for the help everyone !!!


Sure, a little space between them wouldn’t hurt. It’s probably better than having them all touching, although I often do them that way too.

Ideally that light would be like 4-6 square feet coverage for flowering.


I finished my light @dbrn32 time to put it up , but is it worth it
I have about 2 week to go in flower ,
great bright light should have built it long ago !!!
How high from top bud should I start !!! Thanks



What is under this plug is it a dimmer